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Washington Institute Hamas Triumphant: Implications for Security, Politics, Economy, and Strategy
Washington Post What's Needed From Hamas Steps in the Peace Process Must Match Conditions on the Ground - By Henry A. Kissinger - For there to be progress toward peace, Hamas must undergo an evolution comparable to Ariel Sharon's and accept that a Palestinian and an Israeli state can co-exist.
Yediothh Ahronoth 'Israeli enemy not a partner' Hamas lawmakers dismiss future peace talks with Israel, calling past negotiations 'a failed experiment'; Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa says 'it's necessary to support Hamas because they are Palestinian people's choice'
Israeli Minister Says Palestinian Leader Is Irrelevant
Ha’aretz – Haniyeh denies quotes that Hamas would recognize Israel
UPI Palestinian demographics challenged A new study, 'Population Forecast for Israel and the West Bank 2025' challenges the notion that Israeli Jews are facing an Arab demographic time bomb.
Hamas leader roils Israel debate
Ismail Haniyeh appeared to suggest that peace could be made with Israel under certain conditions.
Daily Telegraph Push for Palestinian aid France and the European Commission are leading a diplomatic drive to unblock £23 million in EU funding for the Palestinian Authority, without waiting for Hamas to renounce violence or recognise Israel.
A Conversation with Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh - Lally Weymouth
DAVID BROOKS Keeping the Faith in Democracy The moderates of the Arab world face a choice: live with the corrupt regimes of the status quo or embrace the rising Islamist parties like Hamas. Brooks writes about a conference in Doha, Qatar, that brought Americans together with leading moderates of the Arab world. Yet there is no mass support in the Arab world for secular liberal democracies. So they have chosen to bet their lives and embrace the rising Islamist parties like Hamas rather than the corrupt regimes of the status quo. Brooks says the Arabs assume that in the Middle East there is always a gap between what people say and what they believe, yet they are still optimistic.
Abbas 'will quit' if Hamas make job impossible Palestinian leader warns Hamas that he will resign if the group makes it impossible for him to carry out his duties.
Hamas Leader: ‘We Are Not Lovers of Blood’
Jerusalem Post - The Region: Exposing Hamas
What aid cutoff to Hamas would mean The US provides about one-third of nearly $1.1 billion to aid Palestinians.
Outside View: Israel's Destiny By Alon Ben-Meir
BBC Palestinians welcome EU aid deal An EU aid package worth 120m euros is hailed by Palestinians and the US but condemned by Israel.
Al-Ahram - Comment: Opportunities gained or lost? The high-profile visit by Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal to Turkey has put the host country in the spotlight, writes Gareth Jenkins from Ankara
Sage voices recommend taking time with Hamas By Maggie Mitchell-Salem
Yedioth Ahronoth 'Hamas doesn't scare us'
A town doubts Hamas In Qalqilya, some locals say a Hamas backlash could spread in the Palestinian territories.
Editorial On Hamas, patience
MAKING THE TRANSITION from critic to participant is always difficult. Leaders of Hamas, after their shocking win in Palestinian elections last month, find themselves undergoing just such a transformation. As they try to assemble a working government, all parties in the Middle East will need to resist the temptation not just of violence but of impatience.
Hamas: Integrate the militants By ABDESLAM MAGHRAOUI The professionalization of Hamas's armed militant forces is the best way forward.
What the P.L.O. Has to OfferBy SAEB EREKAT The Hamas victory in the Palestinian Parliament was not a rejection of President Mahmoud Abbas and his peace program.
Ha’aretz – Ignore Hamas? No way
Daily Star Hamas should avoid word games and show it deserves support
Washington Post Good Nukes, Bad Nukes By David Ignatius, Until Iran starts to behave more like India, we should all learn to live with a nuclear policy that says yes to India and no to Iran.
The wrong way to fix Iran By Charles A. Kupchan and Ray Takeyh
We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran By BARRY R. POSEN While it's seldom a positive thing when a new nuclear power emerges, there is reason to believe that we could readily manage a nuclear Iran.
Has Iran Crossed the Rubicon? - Amir Taheri, Arab News
American Conservative - Don’t Democratize By John LaughlandDeterrence worked with the Soviets. Why not Iran?
Syria Opposition Rejects US Funding
PINR - "Syrian and Iranian Interests Converge in Lebanon" Full text of report
Asia Times Syria in Washington's too-hard basketSyria has grasped the advantage in its continuing confrontation with the US and in its standoff with the international community over involvement in Lebanese affairs. And the Bush administration just doesn't know what to do about it. - Ashraf Fahim
Syria Comment
"The Economy is Worse Today" by an Aleppine Businessman
The Economy - Jihad Yazigi Weighs in

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