Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Editorial Underwriting Hamas
America cannot bankroll a Hamas government that preaches and practices terrorism and denies that Israel has any right to exist.
Daily Star 'Road map' offers way out of seeming Hamas-Israeli impasse
New York Times Hamas Delegation Visits Moscow for a Crash Course in Diplomacy
Ha’aretz – Moscow: Hamas agrees to year-long ceasefire with Israel Russia: Group agrees to calm if Israel refrains from using force; U.S.: Hamas talks with Russia were useful.
Hamas stands firm A Russian bid to persuade Hamas to recognise Israel's right to exist and to give up its armed struggle has failed. The talks were the first between Hamas and any member of the international community since the Palestinian election six weeks ago.
Israel and Hamas united on ditching road map
State Dept Intelligence Tracked Rising Popularity of Hamas --- "Hamas and Fateh Neck and Neck As Palestinian Elections Near," (pdf) January 19, 2006
Hamas & al Qaeda Share Similar Ideologies - Dore Gold, San Francisco Chronicle
KR U.S. was warned Hamas would win Hamas strength seen in State Department poll
UPI Common Ground: Adapting to Hamas' victory By ROBERT MALLEY
BBC Moscow urges Hamas to transform Russia calls on Hamas to transform itself into a political organisation, in landmark talks in Moscow.
Living with Hamas Palestinian women wonder what the rise of Hamas might mean
CFR Middle East (3/2): Khalidi: Is Hamas’ Terrorism Permanent Or Can It Change?
Israeli Arabs See Lesson in Hamas Victory Ibrahim Sarsur, who heads the southern branch of Israel's Islamic Movement, has been using religious terminology to get religious Muslims to polls many of them have boycotted.
Guardian Leader – Hamas and Israel - They must talk If Israel is to negotiate a lasting peace, it needs a partner. The outside world must do all it can to help. Conditional engagement should nudge Hamas in that direction.
Hamas Picks a First-Day Fight: Palestinian Parliament Reverses Law Bolstering Fatah Leader
BBC Hamas MPs curtail Abbas' powers
Kadima Planning West Bank Pullout
Front-Running Party Would Consolidate Israeli Settlements While Retaining Troops
BBC Israel 'to make more withdrawals' Israel's acting Prime Minister plans more unilateral withdrawals from the West Bank, a key aide says.
Israel's broken romance with its settlements By Gershom Gorenberg
Most of its leaders agree that, to preserve a Jewish state, the question now isn't whether to withdraw from the West Bank but how and when.
Schiff - Who will deter whom? Across the border with Lebanon, a dark plot is brewing. Hezbollah has assembled a mighty arsenal of rockets that can hit at Israel's most vulnerable spot. Israel could have prevented this, but it was too busy promoting tourism.
Robert Fisk: Lebanese put pressure on pro-Syrian President
UPI Interview: Syria's cabinet reshuffle
Jerusalem Post Security: The danger from Damascus By YAAKOV KATZThe Syrian border has been quiet for decades, but pushed into a corner, would Assad turn on Israel?
Momentum builds as Syrian Kurdish conference approaches
Putin's Foreign Policy Toward Syria\"Middle East Review of International Affairs\"
Syria Comment
The New Party Law - Nothing New
News Round UP (March 4, 2006)

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