Thursday, March 16, 2006


Financial Times US foreign policy puts accent on democracy US takes a softer line on security strategy The US will, in the first security review since the invasion of Iraq, place the promotion of democracy at the heart of its foreign policy as it adopts a tougher stance towards Russia, China and notably
UPI Outside View: How to deal wih Hamas By DAVID AARON
Senate FRC Hearing Post-Palestinian Election Challenges in the Middle East
Editorial As if That Fire Needed Fuel The prison raid in Jericho, on the West Bank, shows that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues its never-ending run, fueled, this time, by Britain and America.
Britain's standing is now at a nadir in the Middle East Seumas Milne: By colluding with the Israeli attack on Jericho, Straw has underlined the Americanisation of British policy in the region.
Jericho: an election stunt? Comment is free: Israelis think it will benefit Ehud Olmert, who is already leading in the polls, writes Brian Whitaker.
Israel: we warned of prison attack UK and US told what to expect.
Analysis: What does the Jericho raid signal?
Election politics show Israel's drift from peace negotiations
Editorial Israel raises the stakes Israel's storming of a Palestinian prison in Jericho on Tuesday may result in short-term gains for Ehud Olmert
World Bank Warns Palestinians of Bleak Year for Economy
BBC Gaza dilemma Palestinian violence poses hard questions about EU funding
Israel's West Bank Choice Washington Post, THE GOOD NEWS about Israel's election campaign is that it has become a clear referendum on whether Israel should unilaterally withdraw from up to 90 percent of ...
Abbas blasts Israel's 'unforgivable' raid Compiled by Daily Star Staff
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of an "unforgivable crime" Wednesday as he toured the scene of a devastating raid on a West Bank prison that sparked widespread diplomatic recriminations. Across the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Palestinians went on strike over an Israeli operation that has boosted interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
At best, moving toward modest Palestinian-Israeli coexistence By Yossi Alpher Israel's acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has presented a new disengagement plan, while Palestinian Prime Minister-designate Ismail Haniyya has delivered a preliminary political program to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.
Turkey criticizes Israel's nuke program
Syria says new UN report on Hariri probe objective and ... Xinhua, Mekdad told the paper in a telephone interview that Syria carried out cooperation with the UN investigation commission through visits by chief investigator
Syria welcomes UN report on Hariri assassination Khaleej Times, The report, released Tuesday by the UN investigating commission’s new chief Serge Brammertz, said there are encouraging signals from Syria
Syria and Turkey to Boost Economic Cooperation SANA, Chairman of Tartous Chamber of Commerce Wahib Miri discussed with a Turkish businessmen delegation headed by Ali Kuwak, Head of Eskandaruon and Antioch on
Siniora to visit Damascus for talks on diplomatic relations By Nada Bakri Premier Fouad Siniora will be visiting Damascus soon to discuss with officials there the establishment of diplomatic relations with Syria in addition to proving the Lebanese identity of the Shebaa Farms. Siniora told As-Safir newspaper the date for his visit is not yet final and the matter needs thorough discussions and preparations.
UN: SYRIA COOPERATES IN HARIRI PROBE Middle East Newsline, Montreal,Quebec,CanadaA Security Council report asserted that Syria has shown greater willingness to cooperate with the UN investigation into the Hariri killing
Congressional Research "Iran: U.S. Concerns and Policy Responses"
Asia Times US$: Forget Iran, the problem's at home Of all the things that could wreck the US dollar - and there are many - the projected Tehran oil bourse, which is tentatively scheduled to open this month to trade crude and other petroleum products in euros rather than US dollars, is probably not among them. A much greater threat to the US currency is the US current account deficit. - John Berthelsen
KR Iran tells U.S. allies it will escalate crisis if hit with U.N. sanctions
Back to the future Tehran dispatch: Robert Tait looks back more than 50 years to the last time Iran was referred to the UN.
Interview: How The Security Council Might Deal With Iran
Christian Science Monitor UN-Iran discussion mirrors Iraq debate Experts warn that US may act on its own if Security Council takes too long.
Steps Toward Unity in Iraq By David Ignatius, BAGHDAD -- For a change, pessimism isn't necessarily the right bet for Iraq. Its leaders are taking the first tentative steps toward reversing the country's downward slide.
BBC First meeting for Iraq parliament The Iraqi parliament's first session opens on Thursday after long delays, but is likely to see discord.
Tortuous search for unity
Chaos threatens troop withdrawal
Long path to sectarian split
Civil War Seen Drawing in Iraq's Neighbors
Sistani, the United States and Politics in Iraq: From Quietism to Machiavellianism? Reidar Visser (NUPI Paper , Oslo: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, March 2006, 33 pages). FULL TEXT
Houston Chronicle Can unified Iraq be more than the sum of its parts? By CRAGG HINES
NYT 25 Key Questions on Iraq What the Bush administration and the American public should have been asking then, and what they should be asking now.
What Would Iraq Civil War Look Like?
PINR "Intelligence Brief: Sectarian Violence Moves Iraq Closer to Civil War" Full text of report
Time - Iraq Crisis Brings US, Ba'athists Closer
RCP Iraq Is About to Look a Lot Like Lebanon By Ian Bremmer
Editorial What Every Iraqi Should See The trial of Saddam Hussein should be a showcase for a better Iraq, but thus far it has fallen disappointingly short.


Why Palestinians Usually Get It Wrong said...

Palestinians Humiliate Themselves

In a March 16 editorial in the New York Times titled, As If That Fire Needed Fuel, the Times writes:

"Israeli Army officials ordered inmates to strip to their underwear [see photo below], which many did, marching out with clothing on their heads, an embarrassing and completely unnecessary provocation that trampled the dignity of any Palestinian watching that spectacle.

Given the humiliations that ordinary Palestinians suffer merely by trying to get through Israeli checkpoints every day, the prison raid just reinforced the already degrading reality of living under foreign occupation."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated, “What happened without a doubt is an ugly crime which can not be forgiven and a humiliation for the Palestinian people.”

Palesinians should feel humiliated. A majority of Palestinians living in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem support suicide terrorism. A 2001 poll by Dr. Nabil Kukali and the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO), found, "a substantial majority [of Palestinians] (76.1%) support suicidal attacks like that of Netanya [in May, 2001], whereas 12.5% oppose, and 11.4% express no opinion." A 2006 poll taken by the Jerusalem Media & Communication Center after the recent Hamas political victories found, “56.2% [of Palestinians] strongly or somewhat support suicide bombing operations against Israeli civilians whereas 40.7% oppose such operations.”

Considering that the majority of Palestinians support suicide terror, and considering that Israel prevents suicide killings on a daily basis, it should come as no surprise that captured Palestinians are asked to remove their clothes during the process of incarceration. Why should any Israeli take a chance of being blown up? Why should Israel present Palestinians with opportunities to commit suicide killings?

Palestinians should feel humiliated about their culture of death and they should be asked to strip naked during the process of incarceration as long as their population continues to support, condone, and commit suicide killings.

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