Thursday, March 02, 2006


Independent Israeli 'ruler-in-waiting' plans to starve Hamas
No, Hamas won't suffer from a cutoff in funding By Ghazi Hamed
Head High, Hamas Member Returns From Israeli Jail
BBC Jihad leader killed in Gaza blast
JP Analysis: Is this a new intifada?
A top leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group dies in a blast in Gaza, amid a fresh wave of violence.
JP FM works to ensure unity against Hamas
Yedioth Ahronoth Rabbi issues pullout warning Ex-chief rabbi: Any PM who carries out disengagement will disengage from this world
JP Hamas accuses Fatah of Katif land grab By KHALED ABU TOAMEH, Hamas vows to punish Fatah PA officials involved in Gaza land theft.
Car Explosion in Gaza City Kills a Leader of Jihad Group By GREG MYRE, Islamic Jihad, which carried out all six suicide bombings in Israel last year, blamed Israel for the death of Khaled Dahdouh.
MSNBC Abbas says signs of al Qaeda in Gaza, West Bank
Olmert's Kadima dips in Israel poll, Likud gains (Reuters)
Haaretz Kadima officials concerned over party's drop in latest Haaretz poll
Haaretz Seize the opportunity By Aluf Benn, Lacking policy, Israel is sinking into old habits - a pathetic attempt to manage the Palestinians, examine every one of their projects and checks and play off the politicians in Gaza against those in Ramallah. This is Olmert's opportunity to shake off old ways.
Haaretz Jordan will also survive Hamas By Shimon Shamir, Major General Yair Naveh's words regarding the instability of the Jordanian regime not only lacked proper sensitivity, but also were infuriatingly simplistic.
Syria Comment Is Syria's Economy Improving? Not with Socialism. By EHSANI2
Dar-Al Hayat Lebanon: Presidential Scenarios by Abdel Wahab Badrakhan - The best scenario remains that Lahoud would set out to consent on stepping down. In this case, there will no longer be a problem dubbed overthrowing him, with all the ensuing offense to the position and status
Jumblatt prepares for ‘long battle’ for Lebanese independence Holed up in his family stone palace in the Chouf mountains southeast of Beirut, Lebanon’s most vociferous anti-Syrian voice is confronting a formidable challenge, a Syrian-Iranian axis that he says is determined to exploit Lebanon in its confrontation with the west.
MEMRI SD# 1104 - Lebanese Children Debate the Country's Sensitive Political Issues
Europeans to Meet With Iran on Nuclear Impasse By ELAINE SCIOLINO, The foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany will meet with Iran to discuss new ideas to break the impasse over its nuclear program.
Russia, Iran Talks End Without Nuclear Deal Negotiations on a proposal to enrich uranium on Russian soil for Iran's nuclear industry ended inconclusively Wednesday night.
Gulf News Russia and Iran in new bid to break nuclear impasse
RFE/RL Iran A Middle Route Out Of The Crisis Russia and Iran have resumed talks on a Russian proposal aimed at ending the standoff between Tehran and the international community. Is Moscow likely to broker an agreement?
Rhetoric of Unreality by George F. Will Almost three years after the invasion, it is still not certain whether, or in what sense, Iraq is a nation. Despite two elections, it barely has a government.
We Can't Force Democracy by Robert D. Kaplan What we have to work toward in Iraq and elsewhere is not democracy, but normality. The more cautious we are in a world already in the throes of tumultuous upheaval, the more we'll achieve.
Face Iraq's Past by Jim Hoagland To promote an enforced phony national reconciliation in Iraq built on concessions to Sunni extremists, as Washington has repeatedly attempted, is self-defeating.
Newsweek Iraq on the Brink: How Likely Is Civil War?
The Times Iraq - What's coming next for a country on the brink of a civil war?
CSIS - The Iraqi Insurgency and the Risk of CivilWar: Who Are the Players? Anthony H. Cordesman
MEMRI Mar 02 IA# 269 - The Difficulties of Forming the New Government in Iraq
Gulf News Iraq on the Verge of Civil War by Jihad el Khazen - The US is responsible for the sectarian killing in Iraq. The Bush administration began to prepare for war against Iraq the day the new president entered the White House.
Antiwar Civil War All but Declared: Michael A. Weinstein
Asia Times Iraq: The wages of chaosThe Bush administration's Israel-inspired strategy is to generate enough chaos in Iraq so that the US can dig itself in and leave Iraqis in no position to tell it to leave. But the wages of chaos are steep: they could spell the end not just of a united Iraq, but of the Bush administration's imperial ambitions. - Mark LeVine
Iraqi Parties Want Jaafari Out of Prime Minister Race By SABRINA TAVERNISEIf the Shiites refuse, Kurdish, Sunni and secular parties plan to form a bloc in parliament and put forth their own candidate.
FT Iraqi opposition against Jaafari grows
Ibrahim al-Jaafari’s nomination as prime minister of Iraq is facing stiff opposition, with non-Shia parties actively seeking to block him from forming a government.
Save Iraq One Switch at a Time
Every day that average Iraqis lack electrical power is a day the insurgents gain political power.
Christian Science Monitor Iran forges ahead on nukes
Talks for a deal with Russia continued Wednesday. But Iran appears ready to defy the UN watchdog agency.
BBC Global threat? Do you see radical Islamism as a threat?

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