Friday, March 17, 2006


The US Democratization Program and the Kurds of Syria By Jeff Klein
Conference on Promoting Democracy, Freedom in Syria, and Kurdish National & Human Rights By Dr Asad Khailany
Assad pledges support for UN Hariri inquiry Syria's president says he will meet UN commission investigating the murder of former Lebanese prime minister
Syria 'crucial' to Hariri inquiry The head of the UN inquiry into the killing of Rafik Hariri says improved co-operation from Syria is vital.
Syria Opposition Vows Unity to Oust Assad
Syrian Dissidents A measure of Bashar Assad's weakness.
Syria: Reasserting Control in Lebanon Stratfor, While concerns over Iran's nuclear ambitions are rising and daily US casualties in Iraq continue to erode the US presidency, Syria has managed to stay well
Syria Comment Khaddam interviewed by Elaph on March 15, 2006

Schiff - Where to draw the line The issue of placing economic pressures on the PA is sure to become even more complicated in terms of Israel's relations to the countries that choose to give aid, and also in the fact that it is extremely difficult to set a correct dose of sanctions and above all, to differentiate between sanctions against the PA and sanctions against Palestinians.
Study: U.S. Middle East policy motivated by pro-Israel lobby
Yedioth Ahronoth 'No blood on my hands' Future PA prime minister Ismail Haniyeh says in interview to CBS was never involved in ordering terrorist attacks against Israel, adds would discourage children from carrying out suicide bombings. I hope for peace, he states
Changing Palestinian-Israeli paradigm
MEMRI Mar 17 IA# 270 - Victory Through Political Participation: Hamas's New Strategy and Its Limitations - An Assessment and Policy
UPI Israeli professors hit anti-Hamas policy
At best, moving toward modest Palestinian-Israeli coexistence By Yossi Alpher
New Research Paper: The Palestinian Parliamentary Election and the rise of Hamas 28 pages; PDF
What Lies Beneath Hamas' Rhetoric: What the West Needs to Hear Oxford Research Group
Daily Star Those who voted for Hamas believe Islam is the solution By Yehya Mousa
Hamas set to go it alone after coalition talks fail
What Options Left for Palestine? Palestine Chronicle, Please subscribe to the Palestine Chronicle's print edition now and give the progressive voice a winning chance. By Issa Khalaf

Washington Post Iran Agrees to Talk With U.S. About Iraq White House Says Agenda Is Limited, but Tehran Signals Hopes for More
Editorial Talks With Iran If Iran is ready to seek a diplomatic resolution, it needs to show its seriousness by suspending all uranium enrichment activities.
THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN America's Iran Policy: Iraq The only thing more frightening to the Iranians than the U.S. leaving Iraq would be the U.S. succeeding in Iraq.
RCP No Happy Prospects With Iran
In US security plan, a shift toward realism Bush's tempered National Security Strategy lists Iran as a top threat.
Asia Times An Iran option the US prefers to ignoreWith a legally dubious draft text on Iran's nuclear program now circulating among UN Security Council members, the crisis lurches on. Yet it could be remarkably close to being resolved, if only the US would stop ignoring the perfectly viable option that is already on the table: Iran is willing to forgo large-scale uranium enrichment. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi

CSIS The Iraq War and Lessons for Counterinsurgency
CSM Can Iraq stay together in an era of disunity? The effort to keep Iraq united has been real, but civil war is still a possibility. By Daniel Schorr
BBC US attack targets Iraq insurgents The US says a major operation to tackle Iraqi insurgents in Samarra could last for several days.
Iraqi PM 'prepared to step down'
Iraq edging towards precipice
Iraq's tortuous search for unity
UPI Brzezinski calls for Iraq pull out
Christian Science Monitor Was the war really worth it? An Iraqi family debates. Like most Iraqis, the Methboubs feel a mix of frustration, disappointment, and hope in the face of daily violence.

KR Predictions of a Better Middle East Have Evaporated Three Years After Invasion
Al-Qaida targeting Middle East energy? UPI, Arabia, March 16 (UPI) -- In a time dominated by concerns of energy security, it appears al-Qaida has begun to target energy installations in the Middle East

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