Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Syrian Kurdish groups conclude landmark conference in US
UPI U.N.: Syria's Assad agrees to Hariri probe The U.N. probe into former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's assassination says it has been promised an interview with Syria's President Bashar
Assad to be questioned over killing of leader The President of Syria could be questioned by a United Nations' inquiry into the assassination of Rafik Hariri, the former Lebanese President
Syria's promises on foreign investment questioned
Syria president agrees to meet investigator into Hariri death
Syria's Internet Serves as Platform for Dissent
Syria: Between optimism and pessimism (II) New Anatolian, My second trip to Syria came after 35 years, where I met, throughout "the Turkish Cultural Week" arranged officially, with Syrian intellectuals of different
Syria kills 'Islamist militants' BBC It is not known whether Syria's Jund al-Sham is the same group as one that operates under the same name and said it had carried out a bomb attack on the
UPI Analysis: Elections, Israeli style By CLAUDE SALHANI, Election time in most countries is marked by candidates hitting the road and holding town meetings, pumping hands and kissing babies. In Israel and the
Editorial Israel's West Bank Choice THE GOOD NEWS about Israel's election campaign is that it has become a clear referendum on whether Israel should unilaterally withdraw from up to 90 percent of the occupied West Bank and evacuate thousands of Jewish settlers -- and that the parties favoring this "disengagement" are leading.
Eye of the storm: Iran? Hardly Israel's problem alone By AMIR TAHERI
After Israeli Jail Assault: Palestinians Target Foreigners
BBC Closed valley Israel is accused of effectively annexing the Jordan Valley Raid reflects Mid-East tensions
Palestinian fury after Israelis seize leader from Jericho jail Gunmen torched offices and kidnapped foreigners in a frenzy of violence triggered by an Israeli Army assault on a Jericho prison
Daily Telegraph Palestinians torch British Council Britain has found itself at the heart of an escalation in Middle East violence following the Israeli seizure of a militant leader from a Palestinian jail after British monitors had left.
Independent Israeli attack sparks uprising in Gaza and West Bank Six Palestinian prisoners, including a militant accused of the murder of an Israeli government minister in 2001, surrendered last night after a nine-hour armed siege that began when British monitors abandoned the jail where the men were being held.
Israelis Capture 6 in Prison Raid in the West Bank
Palestinians Captured in Israeli Raid On Prison U.S. and British Monitors Withdraw, Triggering Retaliation on Foreigners
Playing two different games From the way Hamas officials have behaved since their election, it is clear that Hamas understands that the table tennis cannot be only military.
Analysis: Did IDF raid help Haniyeh? Life could be easier for Hamas leader without Ze'evi's killers on his hands.
Analysis: Keeping a distance from Hamas
Fatah and Hamas: The New Palestinian Factional Reality Congressional Research Service
New York Times Powerful Voices Within Tehran Criticize Iran's Nuclear Policy Referral to the Security Council and the inability to win full Russian support have empowered critics of Iran's hard-line tactics.
IHT Iran's president is playing a weak hand STANLEY A. WEISS It's time for Washington to call Ahmadinejad's bluff and offer reconciliation to Iran.
COMMENT: An effective way to deal with Iran By John Chipman, director of the IISS
Washington Institute Confronting Iran Moshe Yaalon
BBC Power of the media How Iran's leaders influence opinion at home and abroad
Christian Science Monitor A new 'cold war'? US, Britain look at 'third way' to encourage regime change by Iranian people.
Der Spiegel A.Q. KHAN'S NUCLEAR MAFIA Network of Death on Trial The world's first-ever court case against a presumed member of Khan's global nuclear weapons bazaar is beginning on Friday. The German defendant may have helped Libya acquire nuclear weapons technology. Iran is implicated too.

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