Friday, February 24, 2006


The New Republic Hamas and Usby the Editors What Russia and France don't understand about the Palestinian government.
Q&A: Hamas and the Middle East - David Remnick & Amy Davidson, The New Yorker
Brzezinski - Türkiye’nin Hamas girişimi mükemmel
Rice Makes Suprise Visit to Lebanon: Secretary Does Not Meet With Pro-Syrian Lahoud
Rice takes aim at Syria meddling on visit to Beirut
Iran: Is There a Way Out of the Nuclear Impasse? International Crisis Group
UPI Analysis:U.S. dusts off old plans for Iran
Christian Science Monitor
Back in the regime-change business Promoting democracy alone won't help the US contain Iran's extremism. By Daniel Schorr
All at sea in the Middle East's perfect storm Simon Tisdall: Sectarian revenge attacks and widening divisions in the wake of the Samarra mosque bombing have intensified fears of irreversible descent into all-out civil war in Iraq.
Los Angeles Times As Iraq Sinks Into Violence, Its Clerics Are in Charge By Borzou Daragahi ANALYSIS: Since the blast at a Shiite shrine, Iraqi politicians have been practically impotent.
Guardian Exit without a strategy Sami Ramadani: The popular response to Iraq's latest atrocities has been to blame the occupation, not rival sects.
Editorial Outrage in Samarra
Before things spiral further in the wrong direction, responsible Iraqi leaders from all religious groups and communities need to exert a calming influence.
Daily Telegraph Iraq's enduring agony and fatal choice Despite having a permanent constitution and a National Assembly with a four-year mandate, political vacuum and violence have become a familiar agony for Iraq.

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