Friday, March 03, 2006


Washington Institute Where to Draw the Line on International Assistance to the Palestinians? The international community can differentiate between the types of humanitarian and development aid to the Palestinians that serve its interests and budgetary and infrastructure aid that would benefit Hamas.
UPI Is al-Qaida active in Palestine?
'Legitimacy' is what triggered Palestinian change By May Jayyusi
Abbas looks to the PLO to weaken Hamas by By Anna Mahjar-Barducci In his speech at the opening session of the newly elected Palestinian Parliament, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared: "We are all required to continue activating and strengthening the Palestinian Liberation Organization's role as the sole legitimate representative of our people."With these words, Abbas laid out a new strategy:
RFE/RL What Is Moscow Expecting From Hamas Visit?
BBC Hamas set for Moscow talks Russia breaks ranks with the other members of the Middle East Quartet by holding talks with Hamas.
KR Hamas leader a pragmatic politician to some, terrorist to others
'Legitimacy' is what triggered Palestinian change By May Jayyusi, The Palestinian legislative elections present the paradox of a model election won by an Islamist party under conditions of an occupation that the victorious party is committed to resist. The prime minister-designate of this party, speaking in impeccable democratic terms, has committed publicly to rebuilding the Palestinian political order on the basis of pluralism and the peaceful rotation of power.
Yedioth Ahronoth 'Problem is Israel's stance' Hamas officials arrive in Moscow in quest for legitimacy. Upon arrival, delegation leader Khaled Mashaal slams Israel for not honoring Road Map; senior group member says Hamas is firm in its refusal to recognize Israel
'History' on the big screen Israelis and Palestinians are questioning the influence of movies like 'Paradise Now' and 'Munich.'
Washington Post Oscars for Osama By Charles Krauthammer, Osama Bin Laden could not have scripted "Syriana" any better than its anti-American creators.
U.S. Institute of Peace Syria and Political Change Which direction are Syrian politics headed? What is the regime's strategy? What is the opposition demanding? Scott Lasensky and Mona Yacoubian
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing - A Nuclear Iran: Challenges and Responses
Daily Star Iran's revolution, like others, gets a new lease on life By Jack A. Goldstone
Washington Times Pre-empting Iran's ambitions (Ilan Berman)
Jerusalem Post Arrow capable of intercepting 'any Iranian missile' Top IDF officer to 'Post': Following recent improvements, our anti-ballistic missile system can destroy Iran's Shihab-3.
Ahmadinejad: Iran has 'inalienable rights' to nuclear technology Compiled by Daily Star Staff, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday Tehran would refuse to negotiate over its "inalienable rights" to acquire nuclear technology, on the eve of last-minute talks between Iran and EU powers. "We believe that it is the right of all member nations to enjoy nuclear fuel and peaceful nuclear technology. We will not accept.
IHT No, it's not Vietnam. This one's a civil war by STEPHEN BIDDLE, America's prospects in Iraq are surely better if it stops opposing a civil war with a strategy designed for a Maoist people's war.
Guardian Civil strife is not the only conflict for Iraq's Shias Jonathan Steele: An internal struggle for power has put the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr back at centre stage - and the Americans won't like it.
What Bush Was Told About Iraq By Murray Waas, National Journal

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