Friday, March 24, 2006


Al-Ahram Brammertz reports The successor of Judge Mehlis notably tones down the politics of the Al-Hariri assassination, exonerating Syria for its cooperation with the UN investigation, writes Sami Moubayed
Syria Comment
Did the Anti-US demonstration Really turn Anti-Syrian? A Second Witness

Yedioth Ahronoth 'Palestinan state possible' In exclusive interview with Ynet Olmert says ‘Abbas failed in war on terror, Hamas rose to a very influential position as a result.' Adds that 'Palestinian state possible within permanent borders we will set following pullout
Washington Institute Palestinian Economic Dependence on Israel By Elizabeth Young Through its policies on trade, labor, and the tax revenue it collects, Israel has at least as much influence over the Palestinian economy and the Palestinian Authority’s budget as international aid donors.
Guardian After the rhapsody, the bitter legacy of Israel and the left Geoffrey Wheatcroft
The Economist Israel's new politics Shutting itself in, hoping for the best
Separating the West Bank from Gaza: An Israeli view By Amnon Lord
Al-Ahram Israel's superfluous election Ehud Olmert's greatest challenger in the Israeli elections is apathy, writes Graham Usher in Jerusalem
IHT Israeli Arabs and the vote URI DROMI In next week's Israeli election, Jewish and Arab voters who wish to live together in equality and mutual respect, should vote for parties who uphold these ideals and not those that advocate the opposite.
Schiff - A mistake under U.S. duress In the wake of a sweeping Hamas win, critics claim that allowing the militant party to participate in the elections was a mistake, but also point a finger at the role America played, or lack thereof.
Al-Ahram Left out and hurt Abbas and the PLO executive committee reject Hamas' programme for government, writes Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah

Knight-Ridder Iran closer to producing nuclear weapons fuel, U.S. officials worry
Daily Star Turkey's emerging fear: Iranian influence By Iason Athanasiadis
US asks Ankara for stronger stance on Iran
RFE/RL Iraq Mixed Reactions To Possible U.S.-Iran Talks
Iran's Icon The voice of a democratic revolution.
Financial Times COMMENT: Good vs evil does not work as foreign policy By Madeleine Albright - The Bush administration’s newly unveiled national security strategy might well be subtitled “The Irony of Iran”
Envoy Accuses Iran of Duplicity on Iraq
U.S. official says Tehran professes support for Iraq's political process even as it aids insurgents.

Los Angeles Times As U.S. Grows Iraq Bases, Some Fear a Long Haul Lawmakers demand the Pentagon explain its base plans and have passed a law blocking funds for deals with the Iraqi government.
Iraq is now an American colony
Washington Post Of Course It's a Civil War By Charles Krauthammer The whole debate about Iraqi civil war is surreal. What is the insurgency if not a civil war supported by one part of Iraqi society fighting the new Iraqi state supported by another part of Iraqi society?
Signs of Change
As it becomes more evident that the country is simply tuning out President Bush's shopworn talking points on Iraq, there are increasing signs that the White House is considering a change in approach -- in the form of new blood and a new script.

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