Friday, March 10, 2006


Israel's Tragedy Foretold By GERSHOM GORENBERG
A memo written in 1967 warned that Israel's settlements in the West Bank were illegal.
Daily Telegraph Leader Israel goes its own way With two and a half weeks to polling day, the consensus from the centre rightwards is that Israel should decide on its future without reference to the Palestinians.
Israel's borders to be finalised 'by 2010' The final borders of Israel will be settled within four years, Ehud Olmert, the country's acting prime minister, has said.
Olmert to redraw Israel's borders 'within four years'
Olmert Outlines Plans for Israel's Borders
Israel sets four year deadline to draw final borders Acting prime minister says borders will be drawn without consultation if Hamas does not recognise Jewish state.
Ya'alon: Israeli military option against Iran exists
Israel: Our Missiles Can Blast Iran's Missiles
Schiff - Surprises and flaws Intelligence agencies need to learn an important new lesson from Hamas' election victory: Arab public opinion is finally reflecting the opinion of the public.
Abu Mazen is relevant - to all sides Abu Mazen might be exactly the person to create the common ground that will ensure a vote of confidence by the Hamas-dominated legislative council for a specific Palestinian government, and at the same time retain the necessary international support for such a government to survive.
Guardian Iran is only months from bomb technology, says BritainConfrontation with Iran intensifies as Britain claims Tehran could acquire capability to build a bomb by 2007.
Asia Times Why Iran's oil boursecan't break the buck Many pundits have pointed to the impending Tehran oil bourse, which could come on line as early as this month and deal in euros rather than US dollars, as the hidden reason behind the evident march to war on Iran by the Anglo-American powers. The thesis is simply wrong, for many reasons. - F William Engdahl
Iran's turn to face 'coalition of the willing' The US has implemented a three-tier approach to having Iran's nuclear dossier referred to the UN Security Council. First there was the European diplomatic smokescreen, then the rhetoric against Tehran, and finally dealing with reluctant China and Russia. All this has been accomplished. Now, as happened with Iraq, comes the fateful "alliance-building". - Ehsan Ahrari
Ha’aretz – Achievement in the shadow of threat The international pressure on Iran to stop its nuclear program is mounting, but can it really stop Teheran from achieving its goal?
WP Iran Threatens U.S. With 'Harm and Pain': Envoy Warns Against U.N. Sanctions
Syria Comment
What is at Stake in Lebanon's National Conference?
The Kurd Card Charles Krauthammer The Iraq security situation is grim and the neighboring powers malign. But the Kurds' new alliance with the Sunnis may yield an effective, broad-based national unity government.
WP U.S. Sets Plan to Aid Iraq in Civil War
U.S. military will rely primarily on Iraq's security forces to put down a civil war in that country if one breaks out, Rumsfeld told lawmakers Thursday.

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