Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Final Communiqué of the Syrian Kurdish meeting on Democracy and Freedom in Syria

Gaza rations food as Israel cuts supplies · Bakeries close and shelves empty as supplies dwindle · Israel denies border action revenge for Hamas victory
Drezner A follow-up on the Israel Lobby
Stratfor The Israeli Model for Cutting Suicide Attacks
Study alleges US sets aside own security interest for Israel'sPaper by two leading academics on US-Israel ties ignites controversy

Washington Post Getting Started With Iran By David IgnatiusTalks between the U.S. and Iran are a small step towards a stable Middle East, but big political developments often begin with little steps
BBC Iran leader backs talks on Iraq Iran's supreme leader endorses talks with the US on Iraq but rejects UN action over its nuclear programme.US warns over Iran talks tactic Row moves to next stage Q&A: Iran nuclear stand-off
UPI Analysis: Behind the Iran nuke talks delayIran Leader OKs Talks With US on IraqSecurity Council Postpones Iran Meeting

How Did Iraq Go Wrong? - Michael Young
WSJ What if We Lose? The consequences of U.S. defeat in Iraq.
Why Iraq Is Still Worth the Effort By Fareed Zakaria, For all my misgivings about the way the administration has handled Iraq, I am not convinced that Iraq is a hopeless cause that should be abandoned

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