Thursday, December 08, 2005


Which way around?
Sami Moubayed - Al Ahram
Is Syria cooperating with Mehlis, or Mehlis with Syria?
Mehlis report is unlikely to change
By Zeina Abu Rizk
Due in one week, the long awaited report of UN investigator Detlev Mehlis and the Committee investigating the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is unlikely to change significantly following the questioning of the five Syrian officers in Vienna.
Number one, or just a fortunate son?
By Michael Young
It's the measure of good politicians that they know when to be in the right place at the right time. That is apparently not a lesson greatly disturbing the man alleged to be the most powerful in the land: Saad Hariri. An absentee landlord, he has spent many months abroad. Security is an understandable concern, but if Hariri wants to replace his father.
FEATURE-Syria's market reforms dent socialist model
Reuters AlertNet - London,England,UK... On a main square in the Syrian capital's commercial centre, a labourer pastes up a poster showing a blue-and-red can and the words "Pepsi now in Syria.". ...
Moussa: Mass grave 'disturbing' but Syria must not be isolated
Daily Star - Lebanon
But Moussa warned against attempts to "isolate Syria or change its regime or invade it", and urged the "rebuilding of Lebanese-Syrian relations.". ...
Iraq Kurdish article stresses need to support Kurds in Syria, Iran BBC Monitoring Service
Syria ready to reopen Israel peace talks
Guardian Unlimited - UK
Syria is engaged in clandestine talks about reopening peace negotiations with Israel in an attempt to head off United Nations sanctions next week over its ...

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