Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Kurdish question in Syria
Daily Star Can Syria afford United Nations sanctions? By Andrew J. Tabler
International Crisis Group Lebanon: Managing the Gathering Storm
The Israeli pullout from Gaza set three important precedents By Yossi Alpher
Israeli blast shakes political landscape Islamic Jihad killed at least five people in a busy Israel mall, ahead of Israeli and Palestinian polls.
Assad urges UN investigation commission to 'correct its mistakes'
By Leila Hatoum and Majdoline Hatoum
Syrian President Bashar Assad urged the UN commission probing the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri to "correct its mistakes," as the investigation team began interrogating five Syrian officers at the UN Headquarters in Vienna on Monday.
Pres. Assad of Syria iterview with France3 - Full transcript
Mr. President, Syria has agreed that five Syrian citizens could be interviewed by commissioner Mehlis in Vienna. ... There is no evidence that Syria is involved. ...

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