Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Houssam joins Syrian officers for questioning in Vienna
Compiled By Daily Star Staff
As United Nations chief investigator Detlev Mehlis gets ready to leave Lebanon with his final report on the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri, Houssam Taher Houssam, the Syrian witness who publicly confessed to having lied to investigators, joined three Syrian officers for questioning in Vienna.
Syria Attacks Evidence as U.N. Case Turns More Bizarre
Mubarak: Hariri Interviews With Syrians Could Last a Year
Syria Girds Itself for Sanctions
Syria, Russia Sign $370 Million Gas Deals
Jihad: Shallah leaves Syria
Syria... As for the demands of the USA and Europe to close the offices of Jihad in Syria, Jihad announced that it has no offices neither in Syria nor in any other ...
US heightens rhetoric against Syria
That accusation comes today from the US State Department, which is linking Syria to a Palestinian group that says it's responsible for five terror attacks on ...
Syrian paper skeptical of grave discovery mass graves
By Therese Sfeir
Syria's state-run Tishreen newspaper described the reactions over the discovery of the mass graves in northeastern town of Anjar, as the latest "chapter in the conspiracy against Syria." "There is an intention to use the discovery of the mass graves, which date back to the Lebanese civil war, in order to undermine Syria," an article published in the newspaper on Tuesday said.

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