Friday, January 27, 2006


BBC Israel rules out talks with Hamas Israel says it will not deal with a Palestinian power including Hamas, following the Islamic militants' election triumph.
Driving Hamas to a dramatic win
Hamas win heralds new reality
A heavy burden on Israel It would be a grave mistake if it is decided in Israel or the West to punish the Palestinian people for electing Hamas - let the Palestinians decide for themselves in the nature of democracy what is good and what is bad for them.
Olmert: Israel, world will ignore Hamas-led gov't
Abbas suggests future talks with Israel would be held via PLO
Hamas: We won't relinquish Jerusalem, right of return
Radical Islam - with sovereignty
Jerusalem Post Analysis: Will Hamas turn moderate? By ORLY HALPERN Though democratic, the elections were the first in the Arab world to vote in an Islamist government.
MEMRI Jan 27 SD# 1079 - Hamas in Run-up to Elections: Relatively Pragmatic Statements Alongside Extremist Statements
Yedioth Ahronoth Arab revolution?
Living next door to Hamas/ Lappin
Der Spiegel The Fear of Hamastan
Leader - The West and Hamas must talk to each other A radical group dedicated to the destruction of Israel now has the responsibilty of political power. For there to be any chance of peace, Hamas and the new Israeli Prime Minister must be prepared to negotiate.
The rise of Hamas: A blessing in disguise? URI DROMI
Financial Times COMMENT: Hamas should be judged by its deeds Those who say we must never talk to terrorists should look back at the experience of the past half century. The path from violence to political legitimacy is heavily trodden.
Washington Post Editorial Hamas's Choice THE VICTORY of Hamas in the Palestinian elections creates fresh opportunities as well as dangers in the Middle East. The Islamic fundamentalist movement will now come under extraordinary pressure to cease all acts of terrorism, help restore order in the turbulent Gaza Strip
Living With Hamas's Victory By Jim Hoagland It is pointless to minimize the significance of the Palestinian election of the Hamas party. Instead, the U.S. and its allies should adjust their policies to recognize and influence the volatile new situation.
Two Elections and a Lesson By E. J. Dionne Jr Hamas's win shows that democratization is hard, complicated and frustrating -- not matter how certain the Bush administration was that it could remake the world with a few bold strokes.
Knight-Ridder Hamas' win will transform Mideast politics
Hamas' victory threatens Bush's policies in the Middle East
Washington realist Ramifications of Hamas victory
New Republic How Hamas will change Palestinian foreign policyby Joseph Braude
Hamas Victory Is Good News - Emanuele Ottolenghi, National Review Online
Washington Times Hamas and democracy Hamas' decisive victory in Palestinian elections Wednesday provides a sobering reminder of what democracy can and cannot achieve.
Middle East: Analyst Discusses Relations Between Iran And Hamas
Hamas: A reality Israelis, Americans and Europeans will have to accept
Hamas Sweeps Palestinian Elections, Complicating Peace Efforts in Mideast Radical Islamic movement trounces governing Fatah party in a contest that could reshape Palestinians' relations with Israel and the world.
Los Angeles Times Election Victory Shocks an Unprepared Hamas Now it's caught between continuing to call for Israel's destruction and endangering the peace or moderating its politics and losing its base.
Ha’aretz – Editorial A new complication Hamas movement's success in the elections for the Palestinian parliament is a turning point for the worse in the complex relations between Israel and the Palestinians and for the political complications facing the PA.
New York Times After Hamas Victory, Israel's Likely Course Israel will most likely pursue unilateral actions, drawing its own borders and separating itself from the Palestinians.
Editorial In the Mideast, a Giant Step Back If Hamas chooses to continue its campaign to destroy Israel, it's more than likely that it will not be around for long, and rightly so.
Hamas at the Helm By FOTINI CHRISTIA and SREEMATI MITTER If the Israelis are contemplating engagement with Hamas, it's time the Americans and Europeans did, too.
Hamas Victory Now a Major Issue in Israeli Election Campaign
Leader: After the Hamas earthquakeThe right response to this result is to insist that Hamas make clear that it is committed to negotiations with Israel.
Hamas Election Victory Shocks World By RAVI NESSMAN Islamic militant Hamas' landslide victory in Palestinian elections unnerved the world, darkening prospects for Mideast
Hamas Sweeps Palestinian Elections, Complicating Peace Efforts in Mideast By Scott Wilson The radical Islamic movement Hamas won a large majority in the new Palestinian parliament, according to official......
Israel Rules Out Talks With Hamas Leadersy MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH Israel ruled out talks and the vanquished Fatah rejected a joint government with Hamas after the Islamic movement's
Hamas Election Victory Shocks World By RAVI NESSMAN Islamic militant Hamas' landslide victory in Palestinian elections unnerved the world, darkening prospects for Mideast
A Look at Islamic Militant Group's Leaders By The Associated Press The leaders of the military wing of Hamas, responsible for suicide bombings and other attacks against Israelis, stay underground and out of
Violence Bloodies Hamas' 30-Year History By The Associated Press, Brief history of the Islamic militant Hamas groupNew Hamas Lawmakers Murky on Israel Issue By AMY TEIBEL Islamic Hamas militants who swept the Palestinian parliamentary election have a clear domestic agenda: purging government corruption
Hamas Win Raises Peace Process Questions By BARRY SCHWEID The way ahead appears bumpy and uncertain, but the Bush administration will resume its search for a formula to bring peace to the
Analysis: Hamas Victory a Message for Bush By ANNE GEARAN After making democracy a defining marker for American foreign policy, President Bush got a jolting message from Palestinian voters
Bush Says U.S. Won't Deal With Hamas By TERENCE HUNT Stunned by Hamas' decisive election victory, President Bush said Thursday the United States will not deal with the militantUPI Ahmadinejad's ploy Iran's dangerous partnership with Syria By CLAUDE SALHANI What can Iran and Syria do if the United States starts flexing its military muscle …
Rice Tells Hariri Lebanon Has Support By BARRY SCHWEID Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice assured the son of an assassinated Lebanese prime minister Thursday that the Bush administration......
SyriaComment Hariri in US: What will he Get?
Think Again: Iran is a Problem, Not an Emergency Center For American Progress
IHT William Pfaff: Iran's nukes are a non-issue
Washington Times A strategy for disarming Iran (Robert H. Scales)
Stopping the Iranian Bomb – Part II YaleGlobal Online George Perkovich

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