Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Analysis: Syria's Soviet-style tactics
Ex-Vice President Khaddam Unlikely Ally for Syrian Opposition
Thousands of Lebanese Protest Against U.S.
By HUSSEIN DAKROUB, BEIRUT, Lebanon -- Thousands of pro-Syrian Lebanese chanting "Death to America" protested Tuesday near the U.S. Embassy against what they called
Olmert's moderate stance gives Palestinians a rare chance at peace In his first policy statement, acting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert confirmed what the analysts have been saying since he assumed the helm of leadership on January 4: that Olmert is likely to be more amenable to negotiating a final peace settlement than was his predecessor, Ariel Sharon. On Tuesday, Olmert outlined his position on the issue in detail.
Israeli Ready for Peace Talks if Palestinians Disarm Hamas
Halutz: Iranian nuclear program is Israel's sole existential threat
Israel's Olmert Aims to Resume Peace TalksGuardian Unlimited - UK... lead in the polls for the March 28 election, putting him in a strong position to begin carrying out Sharon's vision of delineating Israel's final borders.
Washington Institute What Else Can Be Done about Iran’s Nuclear Program? Michael Eisenstadt, Patrick Clawson, and Henry Sokolski
COMMENT: It is time to put security issues on the table with Iran Diplomacy has failed, it is argued, so it is now time to get tough with Iran, writes Selig Harrison of the Center for International Policy. But has diplomacy really been tested?
Guardian The west has picked a fight with Iran that it cannot winSimon Jenkins: Washington's kneejerk belligerence ignores Tehran's influence and the need for subtle engagement
Washington Post The Iran Charade, Part II
By Charles Krauthammer,
Rather than face the consequences of action in the time left before a group of apocalyptic madmen go nuclear, Europe's leaders congratulate themselves for doing nothing in unison.
UPI Analysis: Iran, Nigeria lead to oil spike Oil prices are likely to continue to rise amid nuclear tensions with Iran and political instability in Nigeria, experts say.
Iran's Nukes, Europe's Follies - Amir Taheri, New York Post
Christian Science Monitor On Iran, West looking for a Plan B
Iran may yet end up on the docket of the UN Security Council for restarting its nuclear-fuel program
Attack Iran? We're Ready For months, the press and blogosphere have been filled with scoops about U.S. and Israeli preparations for an imminent strike on Iran.Commentators......
Getting Serious About Iran The mullahs have provided an incentive for U.N. action. By GEORGE MELLOAN
Ahmadinejad shocks, but he may also awe By Sanam Vakil Everything happens in threes, they say. The first time Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shocked and dared by declaring "Israel should be wiped off the map," many thought this might be an aberration from the inexperienced, populist president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Mideast Asks Cheney for Patience With Iran
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- The Arab world's two major powers urged Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday to give negotiations more time in the
BBC China's dilemma Why the Iranian nuclear crisis is a headache for Beijing
Iranian Nuclear Crisis
Compiled by Kevin Dumouchelle,
Iran Iran has adamantly reserved the right to develop its nuclear program, stating that its intention is to produce peaceful nuclear energy.
What's So Funny in the Mideast?
By Daniel Williams,
HAIFA, Israel -- It's hard to joke about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its almost daily fare of bombings, violence and assassinations,

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