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TCS - Syria and Iran: The Perils of a Radical Bond The dubious alliance between Iran and Syria may offer self-satisfaction for the parties involved, but there are political costs to be sure. By Michael Young
Gulf News Return of the radical Syrian
UN Security Council Tells Syria to Disarm Lebanon Militias
Disarming questions Five years after Israel pulled out of southern Lebanon, Hizbullah's path is unclear, writes Rory McCarthy.
The release of Riyad Sayf is likely to provide fuel to the dormant democratic movement in Syria
Editorial – The Daily Star Syria's stance on the Shebaa Farms reflects its disregard for Lebanon On Monday, some 2,000 Lebanese took to the streets of Downtown Beirut to mark the passing of 40 days since the assassination of Gebran Tueni. Many of them expressed anger at the fact that their government has produced few solutions to the problems that plague them. Since Tueni's death, they have seen little progress in the country.Stratfor UK: Blair On Relations With Syria, Iran
Blair: Syria, Iran supporting terror Compiled By Daily Star Staff British Prime Minister Tony Blair urged Syria and Iran Monday to stop supporting terrorism and added it would be difficult for the West to negotiate with Hamas if they joined a government unless the group renounced terrorism.
BBC Palestinian campaigning ends
Watching the vote
Palestinian voters: Engaged but realistic
Given the fact that the January 25 election will occur on two levels, the exact outcome is difficult to predict.
Life for the hundreds of monitors checking the Palestinian poll
The Palestinians' Crisis of Leadership
By Aaron David Miller
More than 50 years after its creation, the Palestinian national movement -- in both its secular and Islamic guises -- lacks a coherent strategy......
Palestinian Candidates Condemn U.S. Program
By Scott Wilson and Glenn Kessler
The Bush administration's effort to increase the popularity of the Palestinian Authority and its governing Fatah party......
Factional strife could sabotage election for Fatah There is a tone of righteous indignation in the ruling Fatah party that the movement that spearheaded the Palestinian national struggle for more than four decades should be facing the loss of its political monopoly.
Fatah unable to dismantle militias Compiled By Daily Star Staff
The Fatah Movement will not be able to dismantle the militias of Hamas and Islamic Jihad despite a promise to do so by its leader Mahmoud Abbas, a senior official said on the final day of campaigning.Top Hamas officials Monday launched blistering verbal attacks on Israel but left the door open to negotiations, in a mixed message aimed at shoring up last-minute support.
Palestinians Wrap Up Parliamentary Election Campaigns By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
A leader of the Islamic militant group Hamas today raised the possibility of negotiating with Israel through a third party.
In a Stronghold, Fatah Fights to Beat Back a Rising Hamas
By STEVEN ERLANGERWednesday' s vote will be the first time that Hamas has run in elections for roles within the Palestinian Authority.
U.S. Spent $1.9 Million to Aid Fatah in Palestinian Elections By STEVEN ERLANGER
The U.S. paid for dozens of projects before this week' s Palestinian elections to strengthen the governing Fatah faction against Hamas.
Israel Looks at Possible Elections Win by Hamas By STEVEN ERLANGER
The Israeli cabinet discussed policy toward the Palestinian Authority in the event Hamas does well or even wins the election for the Palestinian Legislative Council.
Hamas sees possible indirect talks with Israel
Reuters - A Hamas leader raised the possibility on Monday of indirect negotiations with Israel, softening the Islamic militant group's stance ahead
UPI Israelis warn of Hamas-Fatah clash
Guardian Hamas has arrived - but there are limits to its advance Hussein Agha and Robert Malley: The Palestinian Islamists will tomorrow reap the rewards of nationalist failure, Sharon's policies, discipline and integrity.
Fatah struggles with image Fatah corruption helps Hamas win support in Palestinian polls.
Editorial A Palestinian pivot
WSJ Regime Change in Palestine? A vote for Hamas isn't necessarily a vote for genocide. By KHALED ABU TOAMEH
Palestinian Democracy What to do when terrorists win elections.
Politics & Policies: US must engage Hamas By CLAUDE SALHANI
Boston Globe Hamas steps into a complex landscape (By Hussein Agha and Robert Malley)
Rice Urges Palestinians to Nix Terrorism
WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Monday cautioned Palestinian voters, who will choose a parliament this week, that terrorism......
Hamas, Fatah Signal Interest in Coalition
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- The ruling Fatah Party and the Islamic militant Hamas traded bitter accusations and made impassioned last-minute appeals......
Platforms in Palestinian Elections
By The Associated Press
-- The main issues in Palestinian parliamentary elections Wednesday....
Thumbnails of Top Palestinian Candidates
By The Associated Press
-- Brief profiles of the top candidates in the Palestinian elections....
Hamas Campaign Ad Focuses on Corruption
JERUSALEM -- The campaign ad opens with a black background and the word "corruption," which explodes into flames. The same thing happens to......
Yedioth Ahronoth Israel 2025: Pessimism rules
What Israel fears is Iran as a strategic regional rival By Trita Parsi
For more than 14 years, Israel has been the primary force countering Iran's nuclear advances. Though Israel presents the prospect of a nuclear Iran as a global rather than an Israeli problem, it has compelled Washington to adopt its own red lines and not those of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
Iran Insists It Isn't Withdrawing Currency
TEHRAN, Iran -- For the second time in two days, Iran on Sunday said it was not withdrawing its foreign currency reserves from European banks,......
Rice: Time Is Now to Take Iran Before U.N.
WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Monday "the time has come" to send Iran before the U.N. Security Council over its disputed......
West' s Push to Refer Iran to U.N. Hits Snags
By STEVEN R. WEISMANRussia is resisting calls to press the case against Iran when the atomic energy agency board meets on Feb. 2.
The Gulf Between Us By FLYNT LEVERETT
During its five years in office, the Bush administration has turned away from every opportunity to put relations with Iran on a more positive trajectory.
U.S. and Europe Run Into New Obstacles on Iran By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
Iran threatened full production of nuclear fuel and the U.N. atomic chief rejected a request for a report on Iran' s nuclear program.
Iranian Threatens Full Production of Nuclear Fuel By DAVID E. SANGER
The comments appeared to be part of an effort to warn the West of possible retaliation if Iran is referred to the Security Council.
Nuclear Deal and Iran Complicate Efforts by U.S. and India to Improve Ties By SOMINI SENGUPTA
New Delhi has had a flurry of Capitol Hill visitors, with the U.S. Embassy recording 10 Congressional delegations in 2005.
Iraqi Shiite Cleric Pledges to Defend Iran
By Ellen Knickmeyer and Omar Fekeiki
An Iraqi Muslim cleric who leads a major Shiite militia pledged to come to the defense of neighboring Iran if it were......
Iran Threatens Full-Scale Enrichment By GEORGE JAHN
VIENNA, Austria -- Iran upped the ante Monday in its nuclear standoff, warning that it will immediately begin developing a full-scale uranium......
Asia Times Why the West will attack Iran Tehran's quest for nuclear weapons is based on its goal of imperial expansion through the oilfields of Southwest Asia, something the West and its allies will do anything to prevent.
Ha’aretz – The real conflict with Iran
Game theory developers prepare for the likely scenario in which Iran will have nuclear weapons. By Amir Oren
Washington Times The complexities of nuclear Iran By Tod Lindberg Diplomacy, acceptance or war?
Newsweek Dickey: Will Iran Meetings Stop Armageddon?
Dan Drezner, Brad deLong and Fareed Zakaria on Iran
Christian Science Monitor Why US doesn't trust Iran on nukes Iran has threatened a full- scale enrichment program - if it is 'referred' to the UN.

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