Saturday, January 28, 2006


Israel After Sharon . . . And Palestine after Fatah. by Peter Berkowitz
Hamas Leader Reaffirms Stance on Israel
US threat to Hamas over $400 aidWashington tells Islamist group they must renounce terror. Israeli politicians condemn winComment: Gerald Kaufman
Jerusalem Post Column One: The anatomy of Hamas's victoryBy CAROLINE GLICKThe failure of Israel's leadership is a significant cause of Hamas's election victory.
The Tyranny Of Israel Over AmericaPalestine Chronicle
WSJ Hamas Has Won. What's Next? To ensure its vital interests, Israel will have to act unilaterally. By MICHAEL B. OREN
Half of Israelis say 'talk to Hamas'
Daily Telegraph Abbas should go Mahmoud Abbas has failed in his primary objective of reopening peace talks with Israel and has presided over the implosion of his own party, Fatah.
U.S. Policy Seen as Big Loser in Palestinian Vote Hamas victory suggests a failure of the Bush administration's strategy in the region
New York Times In One Village, Anger and a Hunger for Change Many Palestinian voters said they turned to Hamas out of exhaustion with Fatah's perceived corruption and incompetence.
Hamas Inherits Deficits, Threats and Anger
Hamas Is Facing a Money Crisis; Aid May Be Cut Hamas leaders face an array of threats: a huge government deficit, a likely cutoff of most aid, and international ostracism.
Abbas Entreats HamasFatah Youth Demand Leader's Resignation
Guardian A triumph for SharonGerald Kaufman: Hamas's victory is the inevitable result of the failure to do anything about the oppression which Palestinians suffer.
Washington Realist Hamas aftereffects, US/India and Iran
Washington Times Muslim states wary of Hamas' successYoung Palestinians ponder future under Hamas (Joshua Mitnick)
Hamas sets world a conundrum Challenges ahead Difficult balancing act awaits a victorious Hamas in office Young pretender A profile of Ismail Haniya, a leading Hamas 'moderate'
Hamas, the Mussolini Test and Iran - Richard Baehr, The American Thinker
Jerusalem Post Column One: The anatomy of Hamas's victoryBy CAROLINE GLICKThe failure of Israel's leadership is a significant cause of Hamas's election victory.
Diplomacy: Who's advising the acting PM? By HERB KEINONOne of Olmert's strengths is that he knows the Big World - and he knows it well.Slate
Fatah No Más, Hola Hamas: The international press analyzes the Palestinian elections.
How To Civilize Hamas: Will Wednesday's winners be too busy fixing potholes to wage jihad? Scott MacMillan
No Loss For Peace - John Podhoretz, New York Post Heritage Foundation
Hamas’s Victory: The United States Should Not Recognize or Aid a Terrorist Regime by James PhillipsWashington Institute
Surprise for Hamas, Anger within Fatah, and a Crisis for the Palestinian AuthorityNew Republic The rise of Hamas and the fall of Palestine by Yossi Klein Halevi
Jews For Jazeera: Is Al Jazeera a Mossad Front? Conspiracy PlanetH10 Weekly Standard I
ran or Bust The defining test of Bush's war presidency. by Jeffrey
The Times Hamas stands its ground as West demands change Mahmoud al-Zahar is widely regarded as the Hamas leader in Gaza, here he explains to The Times the Hamas worldview
Islam's Political Influence Gains MomentumHamas's election victory is resonating through the Arab world, offering evidence of the mounting political influence of Islam. The U.S. said it will review its aid program.
Hamas in charge By Beshara Doumani It gave the Palestinians God and hope. They gave it power.
U.S. Learns Elections Can Be Two-Edged Sword
Three Major Views on Hamas Win Lots of interesting viewpoints out there on the Hamas win, but most still seem to break down into one of three categories: 1. Hamas is a terrorist
What a Hamas Victory Offers The rush to breast-beating about the Hamas victory in Wednesday's Palestinian elections may be premature and unhelpful ["Hamas Sweeps Palestinian
U.S. Policy Seen as Big Loser in Palestinian Vote By Glenn Kessler, Standing in a sunny Rose Garden on June 24, 2002, surrounded by his top foreign policy advisers, President Bush issued a clarion call for
Abbas Calls for Hamas Cabinet By Scott Wilson, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said Friday that he would invite the radical Islamic group Hamas, designated as a terrorist
Israel Regrouping After Surprise Hamas Win By KARIN LAUB, Israel's government hunkered down Friday, caught off guard by the Hamas landslide after its vaunted intelligence services
BBC US wants end to Syrian 'bullying' The US tells the son of slain Lebanese ex-leader Rafik Hariri it wants an end to Syrian "intimidation" in Lebanon.

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