Tuesday, January 17, 2006


MEMRI Jan 17 SD# 1071 - Syrian Intellectual Michel Kilo: Syrian Foreign Minister Farouq Al-Shara' is Subordinating Lebanese Sovereignty to Syrian Interests
FT Saudis in plan to ease tension between Syria and Lebanon
SyriaComment Bremer and Khaddam: Is Something Happening in Syria? What will the Endgame be?
UPI Analysis: Lebanon one year on
Editorial Disarray Among the Palestinians One question lost in the hubbub over who will succeed Ariel Sharon is whether there will be any valid authority left among the Palestinians when the Israelis sort out their politics.
Two-Fisted Hero (The Washington Post)
By Jonathan Yardley, BARNEY ROSS By Douglas Century Schocken.
Sharon Hears Grandson's Voice, Opens Eyes (washingtonpost.com)
By JOSEF FEDERMAN,JERUSALEM -- Prime Minister Ariel Sharon briefly opened his eyes Monday in response to a recording of his grandson's voice, relatives told......
BBC Europe urges emergency Iran talks The UK, France and Germany call for the UN's nuclear body to discuss Iran - a possible first step towards sanctions.
WSJ The Radioactive Republic of Iran Diplomacy will not stop the mullahs from going nuclear. The crisis with Tehran is ideological and rests on destroying Israel. Yet the Iranian people's real ire is expressed toward their government, not the outside world. The majority does not want to live in a theocracy.
The Times Iran - Global powers agree to turn screw -- Tactics and deals: the options for the world
CSIS Understanding Iran’s Nuclear Maneuvers Jon B. Wolfsthal
UPI Politics & Policies: Iran's Iraq agenda By Claude Salhani
Washington Times Iran and oil prices Ahmadinejad recently asserted: "You [the West] need us more than we need you." The ability of Iran to cause worldwide economic damage is no idle boast.
Jerusalem Post Time for 'Libya-plus' sanctions on Iran Diplomacy only has a chance if quickly translated into sanctions, and only if particularly

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