Monday, January 16, 2006


Christian Science Monitor Former Syrian VP says Assad must go Khaddam says regime has outlived its time and would not survive much longer.
Los Angeles Times Editorial Under siege in Damascus
SYRIAN PRESIDENT BASHAR ASSAD should be having nightmares now, thanks to last week's claim by his former vice president that Assad threatened former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri months before Hariri was assassinated. The mounting evidence of top-level Syrian involvement in the murder also should trouble Assad's friends in Russia — the ones he relies on to stop any United Nations sanctions against his regime.
SyriaComment Khaddam Claims Asad Will Fall Soon
SyriaComment Will Asad Fall?
Amir Taheri - Syria: The Clock is Ticking
American Conservative Syria In Their Sights By Robert Dreyfuss For the neoconservatives, one Middle Eastern war at a time may not be enough. A potent threat to Syria rises in exile A former Syrian vice president has launched a public campaign to link President Assad to Hariri's assassination.
Between Two Peoples Can My Syrian Side Share Lebanese Hopes? By Lynn Maalouf,
The Bashar Connection How the Syrian dictator plotted against the U.S. in Iraq.
MEMRI Jan 13 IA# 259 - The Syrian Economy Under Bashar al-Assad
SyriaComment The Economy (January 11, 2006)
Chatham House - The Syrian Kurds: A People Discovered Robert Lowe
Report: Iran President to pay first visit to Syria
Former Syrian VP to Form Exile Govt
Syrians urged to revolt The Syrian opposition has been urged to seek western support to help topple President Bashar al-Assad and his beleaguered regime.
Daily Star Israel's new pragmatism will not end with Sharon's departureBy Barry Rubin
A Lion of War Drawn Only to a Cold Peace By ROGER COHEN Sharon's lifelong campaign to create a strong, secure Jewish state was based in a fathomless distrust of Arabs that, at some level, many Israelis share.
Foreign Policy
In Sharon’s Shadow
Ariel Sharon was more than Israel’s Prime Minister. Over the last four years, he became the embodiment of Israeli public sentiment. One of the few things he didn’t achieve was to leave Israel with a successor ready to fill his shoes. By Janine Zacharia
Israel After Sharon - Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post
After Sharon: Israeli Politics Will Revert to Its Past - Daniel Pipes, National Post
More Sharon: John Podhoretz Benny Morris Michael Oren David GrossmanMorgan Stanley Israel: The Risk of Political Paralysis
Sunday Telegraph If Sharon was the immovable object, who now will be the irresistible force? By Niall Ferguson Demographics work against Israel, but U.S. support works for it. The question now is which of these will prove to be the irresistible force.
Now, Forward Israelis Must Continue What Sharon Began By Yossi Klein Halevi Ariel Sharon was one of the most heroic Israelis of a heroic generation; yet he had also led the country into adventures that turned into disasters.
The Times Where is the Arab Sharon? Tim Hames Israel's leader could imagine a new Middle East — if only his neighbours shared his courage
Der Spiegel After Sharon: The Rise of the Hard-liners?
5 Questions for Post-Sharon Israel - Greg Djerejian
Christian Science Monitor Peace prospects after Sharon
Israeli moderates may be key to any progress if the US holds back
BBC Uncertain future Israelis consider who can lead their country after Sharon
Mideast Adjusts Without Arafat, Sharon (
By STEVEN GUTKIN, JERUSALEM -- Both Yasser Arafat and Ariel Sharon did the unthinkable: Arafat recognized Israel's existence and Sharon gave up the Gaza Strip. With......
Electing a Vision, Not a Visionary (The Washington Post)By Jackson Diehl,Israelis mourn the departure of Ariel Sharon in part because he seemed to have a grand vision of how he could draw the final borders of the state...... Iran Notches Up Anti-Israel Campaign (
By NASSER KARIMI, TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran announced plans Sunday for a conference to examine evidence for the Holocaust, a new step in hard-line President Mahmoud......
Opendemocracy Sharon's unintended consequences Ariel Sharon bitterly opposed popular governance in Israel but helped to bring it about, says Jim Lederman
The New Statesman We were wrong about Sharon Jonathan Freedland His past is appalling and we may loathe his motives, but he did things that Palestinians and peaceniks have been demanding for years. And he would have gone on doing them
Israel's Hamas Problem: The Danger Begins Next Door Israel faces threats throughout a Middle East unsettled by the Iraq war, Al Qaeda and American calls for democracy.
Politics & Policies: Iran -- What if? By CLAUDE SALHANI So what if Israel and/or the United States did actually venture into unchartered waters and decided to carry out military strikes on Iran's nuclear ...
Guardian Iran and Israel will be kings of the Middle East jungleDavid Hirst: The US occupation of Iraq has turned its neighbour into a new regional power. But the contagion is likely to spread far wider.
Daily Star Israel can't live with Iran's bomb, and can't stop it By Ze'ev Schiff

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