Friday, June 30, 2006


Der Spiegel Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: We are not anxious about an Iranian-American settlement. If it happens, it will serve the cause of stability, and Syria…(Part II)
PINR "Intelligence Brief: Russia's Moves in Syria" Full text of report
Israeli jets ‘in warning to Damascus’
Israeli forces go after Hamas leaders in Gaza and Syria Israel has arrested 64 Hamas officials, and is also pressuring its Syrian ties.

Jerusalem Post What is Israel's Gaza strategy?
Israelis 'are trying to bring down Hamas government'
Ha’aretz – Editorial Negotiations are an option Israel's decision to escalate its response to the abduction of Gilad Shalit, and strike specific Gaza Strip targets still can be considered part of the options of violent diplomacy, and not all-out war.
Analysis: Lebanese rules of war
Daily Telegraph Gaza and Syria shaken Israel has shown its military might as Ehud Olmert, the prime minister, threatens 'extreme steps' to free a kidnapped soldier.
Daily Star The dangerous liaisons of Hamas' exiles By Ziad AsaliThe similarities between Gaza now and 18 years in Lebanon are frightening.
Der Spiegel The Ongoing War against Reality Many are treating the apparent recognition of Israel by Hamas as a sign of hope. It's not. Indeed, the Palestinians have no such intention -- and have left Israel with only military options. By Henryk M. Broder
Leader Hostage to fortune How Hamas deals with this crisis will say much about its intentions
Editorial Hamas Provokes a Fight The responsibility for the escalation in the Middle East rests squarely with Hamas, whose military wing tunneled into Israel on Sunday, killed two Israeli soldiers and kidnapped another.
New York Times Israelis Batter Gaza and Seize Hamas Officials In the West Bank early on Thursday, Israeli forces arrested the Palestinian deputy prime minister, two other cabinet ministers and four lawmakers in Ramallah.
Washington Post Israel Detains Palestinian Officials From Hamas Gunmen claim to have carried out threat to kill Israeli teen, but officials had yet to make a definitive identification on body found by soldiers
Christian Science Monitor Behind Israeli army's return to Gaza: multiple motives Palestinian-Israeli standoff goes beyond one kidnapped soldier – for both sides.
Invading Gaza helps neither sideBoth Israelis and Palestinians should think carefully about where their latest confrontation is leading. It is natural that Israel should wish to get its kidnapped corporal back. But it is doubtful whether going into Gaza in armoured strength is the best way of doing so.

Al Hayat Iran the State and Iran the Daawa Randa Takieddine - The possibility of launching talks between Iran and the US, as suggested by Syrian President al-Assad in his interview with 'al-Hayat's' Editor-in-Chief, may give the impression that these negotiations are in the interest of Syria, which would regain its influence in Lebanon. The West sees otherwise because it considers Syria the Achilles' heel in the Iranian-Syrian alliance.
Daily Star In dealing with Iran, don't forget Syria
CSIS Iran's Energy Equation Bijan Khajehpour spoke about Iran's oil and gas reserves at an event sponsored by CSIS's Energy Program. LISTEN TO THE EVENT

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