Friday, June 23, 2006


Der Spiegel RUSSIA AND SYRIA An Old Base (Friendship) Gets a Facelift Harkening to days gone by, Russia's fleet is returning to the Mediterranean as the Kremlin sends military advisors and weapons to Syria.
Syria: Time's Still Not Right for Embassy in Lebanon
SyriaComment Arab Nationalism, Secure Borders, and Democracy

Washington Institute Abbas, Hamas, and the Referendum Trap
Daily Star Abbas and Olmert agree on summit to get peace process back on its feet
Critical days ahead for Palestine By Rafi Dajani
Ha’aretz – Information from U.S. companies helped Israel locate terror cells
Oren Analysis: The war of cities / Sderot-Gaza, Baghdad-Tehran
PM raises possibility of settlers remaining in Palestinian state
Peretz: Gov't must pay settlers to evacuate
Israeli firms are under investigation for illegal exports to northern Iraq.
Europe, Palestine and Peace Israel wants to midwife the birth of an enemy Palestinian state. By DANIEL SCHWAMMENTHAL
Why Gaza attacks are deadlier The Israeli army is facing an internal investigation into why recent missile strikes have gone so badly
CFR Measuring Progress in Iraq
Talk Boldly With Iran By David Ignatius, Sometime in the next several months, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice or a senior colleague is likely to sit down at a negotiating table with representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran. She could do worse than take a page from Henry Kissinger.
Iran: nuclear issue an excuse to topple government World: West's compromise deal labelled 'a sermon' BBC US accuses Iran over Iraqi Shias The top US general in Iraq makes the most detailed allegations so far about Iranian support for extremists

Jordan turns its sights on Muslim Brotherhood
Stratfor Third Quarter Forecast: From the Middle East to Eurasia - Part 1
Third Quarter Forecast: From the Middle East to Eurasia - Part 2
Foreign Affairs When the Shiites Rise by Vali Nasr

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