Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The Emerging Shia Crescent Symposium: Implications for US Policy in the Middle East (audio)
The Emerging Shia Crescent Symposium: Is Shia Power Cause for Concern? (audio)
The Emerging Shia Crescent Symposium: Understanding the Shia (audio)

Ha’aretz - Jailed Hamas official: If we win PA chair, we'll talk with Israel
Yedioth Ahronoth Intelligence chief: Strategic threats on rise
Debka Coalition Aims at Heading off Taliban Advance towards Kabul Full article
Lebanon Steps Up Hunt for Escaped ‘Mossad’ Recruit
Egypt Mediation With Syria Rejected by Jordan
Al-Bawaba FM: Syria targeted by US "Syria is targeted due to its stances in the face of foreign hegemony and interventions," Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem stressed Tuesday, pointing out that
Ya Libnan Pressure needed to change Syria's irrational behavior Syria arrested 10 dissidents in May who had signed the declaration, a document urging the Baathist government to mend ties with Lebanon that have been damaged

Iraqi Force Development in 2006 READ MORE
New York Times Editorial Iraq, Unfiltered Now that he's home from Iraq, President Bush needs to take a hard, unfiltered look at the picture relayed by America's embassy in Baghdad.
Timetable set for Iraq withdrawal However, the long-awaited move, announced by British and Iraqi ministers, was greeted with yet another day of barbaric violence
RFE/RL Iraq: Expert Sees Further Dwindling Of Coalition

Christian Science Monitor MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD
Persian populist wins Arabs' embrace The president of Iran is attracting fans in the Middle East with his fiery rhetoric.
Guardian A year on, Ahmadinejad's popularity is soaring '70% approve' of Ahmadinejad
EurasiaNet Iran Maneuvering For Extra Incentives to Suspend Nuclear Program
Al Hayat Iran's Master Stroke! Abd Al-Razak Al-Safi - Iran has chosen to bolster its relations with Iraq and has announced its intention to resolve all the outstanding issues. Iran has also given Iraq US$1 billion in financial aid. All this has made Iran a major party in all the issues relating to Iraq. The Arab states should not leave the Iraqi scene to be monopolized by non-Arab states, be they Iran, Turkey or the countries the multinational forces belong to.

Intelligence Summit Saudi Arabia pursuing nuclear technology?

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