Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Gulf News Islam and secularism must go hand in hand in Syria For the first time since the secular Baath Party came to power in 1963, one finds an interesting observation in "official" Syria.
Lebanese PM: 'Accusatory statements' may make ties with Syria even worse By Rym Ghazal Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said Monday that his people "know the truth" about the continuing diplomatic deadlock between Beirut and Damascus. "We need to avoid making accusatory statements that may cause further disturbances between Lebanon and Syria," Siniora said from Berne after meeting.
Assad Tells US Team Ready for Dialogue
Al-Bawaba Assad ready to meet Hariri been widely blamed on Damascus. "We were asked whether if Saad Hariri came to Syria we would receive him.
Stratfor Syria: Extremists Escape Into Lebanon - Members of extremist Islamist groups, who were being pursued by Syrian security forces, have escaped across the mountainous border between Syria and Lebanon
Jerusalem Post Syria: No imposed diplomatic ties with Lebanon - Syria is not opposed to establishing diplomatic relations with Lebanon, but no foreign power could impose such ties, Syrian President Bashar Assad

HOSTAGE DILEMMA Will Israel negotiate with Hamas?
Israel threatens invasion Israel has massed troops and tanks on the border of Gaza and has threatened to invade if a recently kidnapped soldier is not released.
In Gaza, Defiantly Awaiting Israeli Retaliation
Ha’aretz – Editorial Separation of politics and diplomacy The Foreign Ministry employees have come to learn that the key to a prime posting lies in the office of the minister or duty politician, a practice which has often prejudiced Israel's foreign ties, and undermined the quality of its public relations efforts to explain its policies around the world.
Marcus The unilateral way With Hamas in the Palestinian Authority government and terror organizations bombarding, fighting, shooting, killing and abducting, there is no partner for dialogue.
Benn Analysis: Kerem Shalom attack sidelines convergence plan Israel's new leadership lacks experience in defense issues and it will take time until the public accepts its authority.
Yedioth Ahronoth A precious commodity/Netanyahu
Jerusalem Post The Region: A review that speaks volumes
BBC Israel rules out prisoner release Olmert says no Palestinian prisoners will be freed to get news of an abducted Israeli soldier.
KR Soldier's abduction a turning point in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

An Iraq amnesty will split the insurgency By Henri J. Barkey The new Iraqi government is considering giving amnesty to some insurgents, including those who committed attacks against the United States, other coalition forces and the Iraqi military. It's understandable that many US soldiers and other Americans would find the idea offensive. Nevertheless.
New York Times Some Insurgents Are Asking Iraq for Negotiations Several Sunni-led insurgent groups have sought talks after the prime minister presented a reconciliation plan.
Time What's Behind Iraq's 'Amnesty' Plan
CFR Barkey: Amnesty Can Undercut Insurgency
Iran's Ahmadinejad planning to visit Iraq: report
Dar Al-Hayat Reconciliation in Central IraqFinancial Times White House considers draft plan for troop cuts in Iraq The White House confirmed that the top American general in Iraq had drafted a plan for a steep reduction in US troops but cautioned that it was only one potential scenario.
Christian Science Monitor Is US planning large withdrawal from Iraq? Media reports say yes, but leading GOP senators say it's too early to plan.
Iraq: An Offer of Amnesty in a Complex Landscape Stratfor

Guardian US underestimates Ahmadinejad at its peril Simon Tisdall

Foreign Policy The Mind-Set Matters: Foreign Policy Is Shaped by Leaders and Events, Not Lobbies By Dennis Ross

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