Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Asharq Alawsat Syria vs. Islamist Militants: Is It Hype? Syria is touting what it calls an increasing threat of Islamic extremists, fueled by popular anger over the violence in Iraq.
Global Terrorism Analysis Syria's Abu al-Qaqa: Authentic Jihadist or Imposter? Pictures of the dead assailants were displayed in Syria's state-run dailies the next morning to end all speculation that the ordeal was fabricated by the
Al Hayat Bashar alAssad interview : al-Qaida's Presence in Lebanon is Growing … Sometimes We Pursue Terrorists and They Flee There ... We Accept the Principle of Having an Embassy (in Lebanon) and Reject Having it Imposed ... The Game of Demarcating the Shebaa Farms Borders has Well-Known Objectives... (Part I)
Bashar Clamps Down
Israel Insider Israel says Hamas leader in Syria is target for assassination An Israeli Cabinet minister said Wednesday that Hamas' Syria-based leader, Khaled Mashaal, is a target for assassination

Independent War or peace? Israeli jets strike. Hamas set to accept two-state solution Hamas committed itself for the first time to a two-state solution even as the Israeli military struck in the crisis over a captured soldier.
Ha’aretz – IDF forces move into Gaza in operation to pressure Palestinians into releasing abducted soldier
ANALYSIS: Gaza incursion aimed at surrounding abductors
Fatah: PA to formulate unity government within two weeks Hamas, Fatah agree on plan that implicitly recognizes Israel, calls for Palestinian state along 1967 lines
ANALYSIS: Fatah, Hamas send message via prisoners' plan
Debka Massed Tanks Seek to Repair Israel’s Tattered Deterrence Print
The Hamas-Fatah Deal: Too Soon for Celebration Stratfor
BBC Israeli soldiers push into Gaza Israeli troops reach the town of Rafah in southern Gaza after an overnight incursion aimed at rescuing a soldier captured by Palestinian militants.
Feeling the heat Abduction crisis piles the pressure on the Hamas leadership
Hamas resist Israel recognition Hamas negotiators say that their deal with Palestinian rivals Fatah does not mean recognition of Israel.
Prison experiences Why Palestinians are backing calls for prisoner releases Hamas Ends Political Stalemate with Rival Fatah Party
Debka Massed Tanks Seek to Repair Israel’s Tattered Deterrence Print
WSJ Stop Terror at Its Source A return to targeted killing might improve Israeli security. By MICHAEL OREN
Guardian Israeli army launches Gaza attack Troops enter Gaza to try to secure the release of an Israeli solider held hostage by Palestinian militants.
Hamas moves to recognise IsraelVictory for Abbas on peace talks
Explainer: Hostage policy
Shouting not talking Simon Tisdall: Israel is in danger not of obliteration by 'Islamic extremists' but of delegitimisation by its own polices and actions.
Israeli threat unites Hamas and Fatah With Israeli troops on the Gaza border, militant Hamas reached a power- sharing agreement with Fatah.
CFR Palestinians Divided as Israeli Strike Looms
War is mutual, so must be the peace By Rami G. Khouri
IHT Abbas and the future of Palestine HENRY SIEGMAN The capture of an Israeli soldier in a raid by Palestinian militants has created a leadership struggle within the Palestinian Authority.
New York Times Israeli Troops Enter Gaza; Bridges Are Hit Israel sent troops into Gaza and its planes attacked three bridges and a power station early Wednesday in an operation to rescue a soldier abducted by militants. Earlier, Palestinian political factions completed a draft agreement aimed at a national unity government.

Washington Post A Road Map Home
From Khalilzad, Realism on the Iraqi Insurgency By David Ignatius,
Washington Times Failing in Iraq By Harlan Ullman White House and Congress come up short

Heritage Foundation U.S. Policy and Iran’s Nuclear Challenge by James Phillips

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