Wednesday, June 07, 2006


BBC Risky strategy Palestinian leader takes on Hamas in game of brinkmanship
Daily Star Dismantle the dangerous Hamas boycott, conditionally By Richard W. Murphy
Israel negotiates oil purchase with Azerbaijan
Debka DEBKAfile Exclusive: Hamas-Damascus snatches initiative, picks Yemen for talks with Fatah - after Abu Mazen falters on his referendum ultimatum More...
Forward Risky Gambit by Abbas Raises American Hopes, Israeli Worries
Israel's checkpoint witnesses
A group of Israeli women is keeping watch in the West Bank to ensure safe passage for Palestinian civilians.
A vote for Palestinian unity
The Times Leader Abbas or the abyss The Palestinian President must insist on a peace referendum
Hamas given more time on referendum Mahmoud Abbas has extended a deadline for the Hamas-led Palestinian Government to accept a two-state solution or face a referendum
Hamas given extra time to decide on Israeli recognition
Slate Fences: What America can learn from Israel's West Bank security barrier. Shmuel Rosner

Jerusalem Post Syrian writer jailed for insulting President Assad Syria's detention of more than 10 well-known writers and human rights activists in recent months has been met with a chorus of international disapproval.
Washington Post Lebanon 'Mass Grave' Said to Be a Cemetery A burial site in eastern Lebanon originally believed to be a mass grave for victims of Syria's military presence is actually a graveyard
United Press International UN: Syria should not extradite refugees The UN refugee agency is calling on Syria not to extradite a group of Iranian Arabs to Iran, saying their lives might be
Middle East Newsline US OIL FIRM SEEKS PULLOUT FROM SYRIA Industry sources said Marathon Oil, based in Houston, Texas, was seeking to sell virtually all of its interests in Syria by 2007.
Arutz Sheva Marathon Leaving Syria, Fears US Sanctions The Marathon Oil Company, which recently was awarded a 25-year- lease to explore for oil and gas in Syria, is pulling out because of fears of US
Syria Comment
Dardari Speaks to Tabler about 5-Year Plan
Neocons and Honor Killings
Students and Politics

Independent Analysis: How Europe persuaded the US to temper its hostility to Tehran
Daily Star Now, how about some Iranian reciprocity? By Rami G. Khouri
Asia Times US caught in Iran policy squeeze The spin that the US is putting on its Iran "initiative" and the growing misconceptions this is causing has been subjected to a detailed clarification by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. In essence, he has exposed the hollowness of the US policy and Washington's lack of options in the face of its increasing isolation. - M K BhadrakumarSoft power How the war in Iraq has changed the US approach to Iran
Washington Institute Iranian Azeris: A Giant Minority By Ali M. Koknar Mass demonstrations and other recent developments indicate brewing discontent among Iran’s large Azeri minority and are symptomatic of rising ethnic tensions inside the Islamic Republic.

Financial Times COMMENT: How Iraq's neighbours can steer it away from destruction By David Aaron
Washington Post Salvaging Iraq
By David Ignatius
Ehsan Ahrari The Talibanization of Iraq
Christian Science Monitor Iraq's tougher stance toward United States The prime minister has taken a hard line on the Haditha case – which may complicate US relations.
Counterinsurgency strategy: stay put US forces in western Iraq are keeping out insurgents by remaining in cleared towns.
Bush's victory in Iraq Brian Whitaker Cheer up, George: there is one person at least who understands the nature of your triumph.
The Lesson of Iraq: In Hostile Environments, Personal Security is ...Stratfor -

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