Thursday, June 08, 2006


COMMENT AND ANALYSIS: The issue is not whether Hamas recognises Israel By Henry Siegman Forty years after the 1967 war, the politically consequential question is whether Israel recognises a Palestinian right to statehood, not the reverse, writes Henry Siegman of the US’s Council on Foreign Relations
Ha’aretz – On Jordan trip, PM to allay King's pullout concerns
Eiland has no partner Until a week ago, he headed the National Security Council, and during his military career, he was head of both the Planning and the Operations directorates of ...
Jerusalem Post Analysis: King Abdullah's woes
BBC 'Talks' on direct Palestinian aid A US envoy says Washington and the EU are seeking ways to aid Palestinians, bypassing Hamas.
MEMRI Jun 08 SD# 1182 - Abu Mazen: We Want a State Within the 1967 Borders; I Will Put the National Accord Document to a Referendum
Forward MOSHE YAALON: As Islamists Grow Confident, It's Time for the West To Stand Firm
Al Hayat The Prisoner's Document, Dialogue and Referendum
Bitterlemons Mubarak's game by Efraim Inbar
Gaza: Hamas Agrees to Withdraw Security Force
Forward Bush Overture To Iran Splits Israel, Neocons

Washington Times The Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003: Two Years On By David Schenker
MEMRI Jun 07 IA# 280 - A Syrian Government Media Campaign Against 'Honor Killings'
Syria Comment
As Dictatorships fall, the likely winners are................., By EHSANI2
Voice of America US Lawmakers Impatient With Syria By Dan Robinson. US lawmakers are expressing impatience their with Syria's continuing support for terrorist groups, as well as its close links with Iran.
Daily Star Erdogan implores Siniora to find Hariri's killers Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan lent support to visitng Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora in Ankara on Wednesday, stressing the importance of stability and security for his guest's country and for the entire Middle East. At a joint news conference with Siniora, Erdogan urged Lebanon to shed light on the 2005.

Facing Iran’s Challenge: Safeguarding Oil Exports from the Persian Gulf Simon Henderson
Will America Attack Iran? by Philip H. Gordon, The American Prospect Online (June 2006)
Lessons From Israel's 1981 Raid on Iraq - Barry Rubin, New York Post
York Times Iraqi Ties to Iran Create New Risks for Washington As the U.S. seeks to stabilize Iraq and contain Iran, it must carefully navigate the relationship between the countries

UPI Perils of Iraq Partition By DAVID ISENBERG
Middle East Policy Council Transcript: Exit from Iraq?
Der Spiegel INTERVIEW WITH US AMBASSADOR TO IRAQ "The Next Six Months Will Be Critical"
Editorial A Power Vacuum in Iraq It will take more than gestures for Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki's government to have a real chance of coming to grips with Iraq's overwhelming problems and sectarian divisions.
Washington Post Can We Get Iraq Moving Again? By Jim Hoagland, The United States cannot afford to leave Iraq now, President Bush argues forcefully. But the real question is whether the United States can afford to stay in Iraq if the administration continues to squander the military, financial and political resources it promised to bring to bear.
Analysis: Why Iraq's unity government is failing
CSM It's time to get serious about US troop withdrawal Before things get worse in Iraq, the US needs to find a rapid way to withdraw. By Helena Cobban

Stratfor Al Qaeda: The Next Phase of Evolution?
Brookings Institute NATO's Growing Role in the Greater Middle East By Philip Gordon

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