Monday, June 12, 2006


New York Times New York Times Hamas Declares It Will Resume Attacking Israel The declaration came after the deaths of at least seven Palestinian civilians on a Gaza beach from an apparently errant Israeli artillery shell.
Ha’aretz – 'Haniyeh may be targeted if Hamas resumes terror'
BBC Border check Olmert seeks UK blessing for Israel to decide its own borders
Olmert Says 'Deep Sorrow' at Beach Deaths, Launches Air Strike on Gaza
Yedioth Ahronoth What about Iran? Not all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. But some is
Jerusalem Post Hamas likely to increase violence, expert says
Daily Star For Egypt and Israel, the paradoxes of dealing with Palestine By Efraim Inbar
The Region: A disturbing poll Barry Rubin
Daily Telegraph Hamas ends truce The Middle East is on the brink of renewed conflict after Hamas said it was ending its ceasefire after seven Palestinian civilians, including three children, were killed by Israeli artillery while enjoying a picnic.
Editorial Palestinian Peace Politics We hope the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, can succeed in forcing Hamas to endorse a two-state solution that would acknowledge Israel's pre-1967 borders.
Olmert dismisses PA referendum as 'internal game'
Full transcript of interview with Ehud Olmert
The Observer Hamas fury over poll to recognise state of IsraelPalestinian president's referendum plan 'a coup' says militant government, as Gaza mourns the tragic killing of picnicking family by Israeli shells.
BBC Hamas claims Israel rocket attack Hamas says it has fired rockets into Israel for the first time since a truce last year after a blast kills Gaza civilians.
Independent Olmert rejects Abbas plan to boost negotiations The Israeli Prime Minister has dismissed as "meaningless" the referendum that the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, plans to call today and rejects the document that Palestinians will vote on as a basis for negotiations.
Ehud Olmert: 'I can't afford to make mistakes'
Christian Science Monitor In Gaza, Palestinians face two-front battle Hamas has denounced President Abbas's referendum and ended its cease-fire with Israel.
Hamas Vows to Block Vote on Proposed State
Al-Qaeda opposes Palestinian vote
Al-Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri urges Palestinians to reject a vote on a future state.
Under the Veil of Ideology: The Israeli-Iranian Strategic RivalryMiddle East Report Online
Jerusalem Post Why do we insult our friends? By DAVID KIMCHE A leading Jordanian asked me: "Why do you Israelis take us Jordanians for granted?"
Gaza beach deaths hit slim hopes of progress
Date Set for Vote on Palestinian State
Hamas Rivals Oppose Abbas's Timing
An article on why Americans subsidized the Israeli settlers, and why we should pay to relocate them.
Daily Star The dreaded blowback from a Palestinian civil war By Abdel Monem Said Aly

SyriaComment Ghadry's Reform Party of Syria Slams Bayanouni and Khaddam
Brammertz Report is a Bust: Syrians Relieved
San Diego Union Tribune Assad's record mixed after six years ruling Syria When Bashar al-Assad succeeded his late father as president of Syria six years ago
Syrian exile fears hit squad The leader of Syria's exiled opposition movement has accused the country's government of ordering foreign hit squads to assassinate him.
Guardian Where comment is not free bloggers' rights. Before he became president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad was president of the Syrian Computer Society.
Counterterrorism Blog Syria behind a plot to destabilize Qatar- Syria wanted to take revenge on Qatar because of its vote at the UN for resolution 1680 which calls for a final drawing of the borders between Syria and
Washington Post Probe of Hariri Assassination to Continue The report from Belgian prosecutor Serge Brammertz's investigators will note that Syria _ which had been accused of obstructing the probe _ has cooperated
Ha’aretz – Diplomats say Hariri probe will ask for another year to do its work
Lebanese Leader's Killing Probably a Suicide Bombing, U.N. Finds

MERIA Iraq's Future: A Concept Paper Patrick Clawson
Iran: Three Alternative Futures Kenneth M. Pollack
How To Exploit The Opening - Fareed Zakaria, More troops in Baghdad is a good idea, but true security will need more than firepowerNewsweek
New York Times Most Wanted Now: War-Weary Sunnis
Washington Post Iraq War 'Drifting Over Lebanon' In political and social life, veterans of jihads inspire climate of militancy in neighboring nations.
Washington Institute Zarqawi’s ‘Total War’ on Iraqi Shiites Exposes a Divide among Sunni Jihadists
Iraq War Bill Deletes US Military Base Prohibition
Washington Post Zarqawi's Existence Aided U.S. Arguments
Weekly Standard No Posthumous Victory for Zarqawi Don't let him achieve in death what he failed to do in life. by William Kristol
Zarqawi's Death Good. Iraq War Bad - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek
Death of a Monster The end of Abu Musab Zarqawi. by Dan Darling
Zarqawi: A BogeymanMade by the US by Brendan O'Neill
Daily Star The birth and death of the Zarqawi phenomenon By Rami G. Khouri
Iraq will need to ensure Zarqawi's vision of sectarian strife dies with him

Who is Behind Minorities Uprising(Iran)?
MERIA Putin and Russia's Middle Eastern Policy

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