Monday, June 26, 2006


Council on Foreign Relations Bashar Clamps Down government. The opposition website Syria Monitor lists some of the writers and human rights activists who have been arrested recently.
Dar Al Hayat Syria is Not Iran It is natural for Syria to want to open up to the influential Arab states at this stage. The question that is mostly raised in the
Syria Comment
Odds and Ends
"The Truth about Islamic Extremist Groups in Syria" by Abdullah T.
An Opposition Member Gives His Analysis
The CIA's View of Syria
Daily Star Assad's door is 'open' to Siniora, Hariri - and Aoun Premier Fouad Siniora, MP Saad Hariri and MP Michel Aoun." In an interview with pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat to be published Monday, Assad said: "Syria has welcomed
American Conservative Divided & Conquered A visit to Syria, Israel, and Palestine reveals the barriers—physical as well as political—to Mideast peace. By Scott McConnell
Wary of U.S., Syria and Iran Strengthen Ties The two governments are tightening relations on several fronts as power shifts away from the Sunni to Shiites
Lebanon Condemns UN for Ignoring “Israeli Spy Network”

Marwan Barghouti's indispensable role By Ghassan Khatib Marwan Barghouti is seen as a political phenomenon by Palestinians. He gained huge popularity during the first few years of intifada until his arrest by the Israeli occupation forces. There are three main reasons that made him for a few years the second or third most popular Palestinian personality, sometimes after Yasser Arafat.
Palestinians and Israelis must be able to meet to talk peace By Benjamin Pogrund Nearly 200 people went to the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem one afternoon last week to hear two political leaders speak about the pitfalls and problems of Israeli-Palestinian dialogue and cooperation. The leaders are well known:
Gaza hostilities rise The Israel-Hamas conflict edges toward 'all-out war' as both sides up the ante
U.S. Senate passes bill to block aid to Hamas gov't
Israel seeks revenge for deathsHamas warned after two soldiers killed in pre-dawn raid.
Ha’aretz – Split Deepens Between Hamas' Political, Military Wings
Analysis: Kerem Shalom attack sidelines convergence plan
Rumsfeld due to visit Israel for first time since taking office
Olmert: Era of restraint has come to an end
Analysis: IDF's top priority is now return of its kidnapped soldier
Stop talking about 'strengthening' Abbas
Jerusalem Post Analysis: Israel's hostage complex When a soldier is captured, the system goes into shock.
Daily Star Marwan Barghouti's indispensable role By Ghassan Khatib
Palestinians and Israelis must be able to meet to talk peace By Benjamin Pogrund
Yedioth Ahronoth 'Samhadana planned attack' Al-Hayat newspaper report says Popular Resistance Committees chief, killed by IDF recently, personally planned kidnapping at army post Sunday. 'Group carried out plan as revenge for assassination,' report says
U.S. official: Alleged terror plot dramatizes threats U.S. faces
Former Mossad Chief: Iran Weakening, May Do Deal
Schiff Convergence to combat lines Since in essence, the convergence plan is a unilateral withdrawal, it is important to clarify to the public that the chances are the convergence lines will be Israel's new combat lines.
Debka Olmert Ties Israeli Military Hands against an Increasingly Porous Gaza-Israeli Border Print
The New Republic Plan B by Yossi Klein Halevi A right-wing settler and the West Bank pullout.
American Conservative Prophets in Their Own Land By Michael C. DeschAnalyzing the smear campaign against scholars who question U.S. policy toward Israel

WSJ The Voice of Iraq "Nobody is for a withdrawal, even a timetable," says the foreign minister. By ROBERT L. POLLOCK
Newsweek Iraq's Plan for U.S. Troops A national reconciliation plan for Iraq calls for a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops and, controversially, amnesty for insurgents who attacked American and Iraqi soldiers.
Solution: Break Up Iraq; Reality: It's Not So Easy By DEXTER FILKINS As attractive as the idea of dividing Iraq into sectarian regions sounds, it has one big problem: it could be a bloody affair.
Time Klein: A Democrat Strategy for Iraq
BBC Grand strategy The Bush team has a plan to stabilise Iraq by the US mid-terms
Larry Johnson Preparing For Retreat

Inside Iran's Fractured Regime By Abbas Milani and Michael McFaul, Something is clearly rotten in the state of Iran, and effective U.S. policy can be based only on a clear understanding of the competing factions, intense rivalries and shifting balance of power in the regime.
How good Is US intelligence on Iran? By Graham Allison For the first time since Iran walked away from negotiations with France, Germany and Great Britain in August 2005, there are rays of optimism in the crisis over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program. Before breaking out the champagne to celebrate a diplomatic solution, it may be appropriate to pause for reflection on a troubling unknown:
Misreading Tehran By Karl Vick, Gracious and hospitable, most Iranians seem genuine in their regard for ordinary Americans and reasoned in their criticism of Washington. Yet, understanding of the other eludes both countries.
Time Iran's Power in the ShadowsThe country's supreme religious leader keeps a low profile—and may be the U.S.’s best hope for avoiding another war
Analysis: Waiting for Iran's Answer

MERIA Failure and Longevity: The Dominant Political Order of the Middle East Jonathan Spyer

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