Thursday, June 15, 2006


Ha’aretz – Palestinian PM orders end to Qassam rocket fire
Poll: Pro-Israel sentiment among Europeans rises significantly
Editorial Restraint is needed
Benn Waiting for a clear plan At 10 Downing Street they realize the situation in the West Bank is far more complicated than it was in the Gaza Strip.
BBC West Bank turmoil Normally tranquil Ramallah succumbs to Palestinian civil strife Seaside horror Massacre or accident? Rival accounts of the Gaza beach deaths Jerusalem Post Hamas stops Kassams after its leaders are threatened
IsraPundit Did Israel make a mistake in abandoning its claim to the territories?
Living at Gaza's edge grows perilous, again The Israeli town of Sderot has been hit by dozens of Palestinian rockets over the past week.
Palestinians Mount Violent Protest Over Lack of Paychecks
Europe Plan to Aid Palestinians Stalls Over U.S. Salary Sanctions
Palestinians storm assemblyCivil servants have stormed the Palestinian parliament to demand the payment of four months' wages.
Daily Star Haniyya, Abbas move to ease tensions Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya agreed in principle on Wednesday to integrate a government-backed unit into the security forces, in a move intended to end clashes that have fanned fears of civil war.

United Press International Syria: Declaration for democratic change Ten Syrian human rights organizations and independent activists have issued a declaration calling for democratic change and
In saying little, Brammertz said a lot By William Harris In his second report to the United Nations Security Council, Belgian prosecutor Serge Brammertz, chief of the UN commission investigating the murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, has provided a cautious and highly professional account of progress to date.
UN Hariri Assassination Probe Encouraging, US Envoy Says
Syria Comment
A Comparison Between The Christians Of Syria And Lebanon, By EHSANI2
The Syrian Opposition Beleaguered But Undaunted

Washington Post Iraq's Atomization By George F. Will, It's time to give the devil his due. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was, arguably, the most effective terrorist in history.
CSIS Securing Baghdad: Understanding and Covering the Operation -Anthony H. Cordesman
PBS President’s Baghdad Trip Sparks U.S. Iraq Policy Debate Brzezinski and Mead
Iraq: Next Moves for the Shia - By George Friedman
UPI Unrest, facilities keep majors from Iraq More than three years after the fall of Saddam, major oil companies are staying out of Iraq, citing security and infrastructure problems.
Djerejian Iraq in the Late Autumn of Bush's Presidency
Washington Realist Iraq and Al-Qaeda After Zarqawi
Slate Baghdad and Boredom: Bush's brilliant new Iraq strategy.
John Dickerson
WSJ Seize the Day "Our objective in Iraq is victory." By L. PAUL BREMER
Daily Telegraph No 'early peace in Iraq' Back from his surprise visit to Baghdad, President Bush has called on Americans to be patient, saying that it was unrealistic to expect Iraq's troubles to end soon.
Washington Post Iraq Amnesty Plan May Cover Attacks On U.S. Military
Leader Also Backs Talks With Resistance

CSM Bush's approaching endgame with Iran
The Arab Gulf States in the Shadow of the Iranian Nuclear Challenge Stimson Center

Ehsan Ahrari The Clash of Civilization is Already Here
Middle East Quarterly Lorne Craner, Will U.S. Democratization Policy Work?Washington's promotion of democracy is irreversible

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