Monday, May 29, 2006


Financial Times Editorial Abbas's bold move Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has made an audacious and astute move of which few believed him capable.
Daily Star Hamas must not lose sight of primary objective: creation of Palestinian state
Breaking democracy's back in Palestine By Rami G. Khouri
Ha’aretz – Fatah to meet to discuss referendum crisis Hamas vows no concessions on Abbas initiative; PFLP chief: Exiles should have vote if referendum is held.
Ephraim Halevy: Hamas must commit not to carry out attacks, must accept past Israel-PA deals before talks
Daily Star Abbas dismisses Hamas objections, vows referendum on peace process Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Sunday brushed aside protests from Hamas and vowed to push through with his plan for a referendum unless the factions resolve their differences. Abbas, who was to host a meeting with representatives from the governing Hamas movement later in the day, said he was not prepared for the bickering.
UPI Outside View: Ending the Palestinian paralysis By Alon Ben-Meir
BBC Israel in Lebanon border 'truce' A ceasefire is agreed after clashes break out across the Israel-Lebanon border, UN peacekeepers say.
BBC Border reckoning Referendum gamble gives Palestinians historic chance Life under Hamas Poverty and bitter rivalry as sanctions bite in Gaza Yedioth Ahronoth IDF: Hizbullah fell into trap After day of combat against terror group in Lebanon, senior officer tells Ynet: We were waiting for them to attack, if they want escalation, we’ll give it to them. Monday morning calm along border, but tensions running high Full Story . . .
BBC Hamas force leaves Gaza streets A security force deployed by the ruling Palestinian party Hamas withdraws from the streets of Gaza.
Border reckoning Referendum gamble gives Palestinians historic chance
Boston Globe Editorial Abbas cornering Hamas
Guardian Punishment of Palestinians will create a crucible of trouble for the world David Hirst: George Bush's policies helped build Hamas; now a dangerous linkage with Iran and Iraq threatens a mega-crisis
Ha’aretz Former Mossad chief calls for long-term deal with Hamas
Hamas takes militia off streets but defies ultimatum Hamas pulls its armed militia off Gaza's streets to defuse tensions between Hamas and Fatah-controlled forces.
Akiva Eldar Between prisoners and captives Had the Palestinians not demanded that Israel recognize their right of return, Israel would have had to invent it.
News Analysis: Abbas Enlists Prisoners to Unsettle Hamas
Whatever happened to ... Ariel Sharon? Iain Hollingshead
Ha’aretz Livni arrives in Turkey for first talks since Hamas leader's visit
Abbas'ın Hamas'a karşı oynadığı Filistin pokeri Ayşe Karabat
Hamas'ı unuttukİsrail Dışişleri Bakanı Tzipi Livni, Hamas'ın Ankara ziya-retinin Türk-İsrail ilişkilerinde kapanmış bir dosya olduğunu söyledi

Independent Robert Fisk: Modern Syria through Saladin's eyes
Mona Yacoubian on Syria's Crackdown
Chicago Tribune Syria's strange political spring Chummy relations between Syria's ruling elite and Islamists reflect a spreading reality about political change in the Arab world.
Syria Comment
The Democracy of Fear
Does Syria's President Have The Will Or ConvictionTo Reform? By EHSANI2
Have There Been Reforms? Yes, Some.
KurdishMedia Veteran Kurd: Western Kurds have to learn form Southern Kurds to unite the Syrian Kurdish movement, form a united Syrian Kurdish front, and work with non-Kurdish Syrians and others to bring freedom and democracy to Syria.
Dr. Abbas: "Syria's Kurds must go with one voice"
Ha’aretz – Be'er Sheva within range of new Hezbollah rocket Iran has supplied the Lebanese group with rockets bearing a reach of up to 200 kilometers

Washington Institute How to Deal with the Challenge from Iran Graham Allison and Richard Haass (text and video)
Asia Times Carrots, sticks and the isolation of Iran The more that Germany, along with Britain and France a key interlocutor with Iran over its nuclear program, shows its ability to engage in creative diplomacy (the carrot) toward Tehran, the better the chances of a satisfactory resolution of the dragging crisis. At this critical juncture, though, trans-Atlantic considerations and US pressure (the stick) could undermine Berlin's best efforts. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi
Washington Post U.S. May Use Financial Pressure Against Iran Bush administration wants Europe, Japan to back sanctions that would stifle Tehran's leadership if diplomatic efforts fail to resolve nuclear dispute.
New York Times U.S. Is Debating Talks With Iran on Nuclear Issue The Bush administration is beginning to debate whether to set aside a longstanding policy taboo and open direct talks with Iran.
New York Times Iran Chief Eclipses Power of Clerics Ahmadinejad's consolidation of power presents difficult diplomatic choices for the United States.

Stabilizing Iraq: Options for Democracy, Security and Development Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies A 33-page draft report of a conference held to discuss the political, security and economic situation in Iraq
Guardian The Inshallah occupation Martin Woollacott Bush and Blair agree that Iraq's future is clouded, and presume only to hope, and not to dogmatically insist, that the final outcome will be good.
Knight-Ridder Backed by Iran, Shiite militias and warlords take control of southern Iraq
Iraq, the Republic of Fear By Nir Rosen - Iraq is the republic of fear, once again. If the religious militias don't get you, the resistance will, or the terrorists will, or the criminal gangs will, or the Americans will.
Newsweek Fareed Zakaria What We Need To Get Right If the new prime minister fails, Moqtada al-Sadr will become the most powerful man in Iraq
Looking Back at Iraq: A War to Be Proud Of - Victor Davis Hanson, NRO
Beyond Security: Challenges for Iraq's New Government
The Daily Star Iraq as an emerging Turkish-Iranian playing field In the 16th century, Iran under Safavid rule and Turkey under the Ottomans were rising rival empires in a difficult neighborhood. Their conflicts and rivalry revolved mainly around Iraq and the Caucasus. Today, after a long pause, the situation is not altogether different.

Uniting Against Terrorism: Recommendations for a Global Counter-Terrorism StrategyUnited Nations A 32-page report by the UN Secretary-General offering recommendations for a global anti-terrorism strategy
Newsweek Anti-Islamic Forces in Turkey The murder of a respected judge touches off a secular, anti-Islamist backlash—and throws Turkey's government into crisis
Turkey is being watched by the Middle East Gila Benmayor


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