Friday, May 12, 2006


The Making of Islamic Democracies in the Middle East
MEMRI May 11 IA# 274 - Poverty Issues in the Middle East

The Challenge for Hamas: Establishing Transparency and AccountabilityGeneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces
Yedioth Ahronoth Caution: US to the right/ Adiri Hawkish American policy may look good now, but it could erode US influence in region
The IDF: An Uncomfortable Analysis
Washington Institute Jordan and Palestine Recent moves by King Abdullah II of Jordan seem to be reopening the possibility of reuniting the East Bank and the West Bank even while Ehud Olmert pledges to draw Israel’s permanent borders by the end of the decade.
Editorial Embracing Palestinians but not Hamas
Ha’aretz – Before another 30 years go by At the end of Bush's presidency Israel will find itself in a very uncomfortable situation. That's why it needs to pursue peace with Palestinians now
Editorial The Palestinian crisisPalestinians, on the brink of a humanitarian crisis, are to get some relief after aid donors decided this week to find ways round the international boycott of the...
Israel backs decision to aid Palestinians bypassing Hamas
CFR Hamas: Isolate or Engage? Nadia Hijab and Shmuel Rosner, discuss different approaches for dealing with Hamas. View debate
Ha’aretz – Bypassing Hamas Hamas being 'non partner' relieves Israel of need to negotiate, while Hamas is relieved of having to make ideological concessions, making them strategic partners.
BBC Palestinian fuel crisis looming
Palestinian fuel supplies are set to be cut off over unpaid debts, hours after Mid-East mediators backed an aid plan.
Aid plan challenge to Hamas
Cuts squeeze lifeline to sick
From Prison, a Palestinian Plan to Form a State
Islamic Leaders Call for Aid to Palestinians
CSM Aid may flow again to Palestinians
The US, UN, EU, and Russia say they will release international aid, but bypass Hamas-led government.
Aid starts to flow, fuel is cut off Israel cut off fuel to the Palestinian Authority, and details emerged of a new international fund to channel aid to Gaza and the West Bank
Peretz: Change policy on PA that sparked aid crisis
Gulf News New Palestinian aid deal agreed
Palestinians will start to receive foreign aid again after a deal was agreed to temporarily channel help directly to the people.
Hamas welcomes moves to resume aid
The Hamas-led Palestinian government welcomed moves yesterday by the Middle East quartet to resume aid payments but expressed anger at the continued political boycott of the regime.
As Gazans Wait for Aid, Their Situation Is Dire
Israel Is Open to European Plan for Aid to Palestinians
Ahmadinejad: Israel will vanish one day
Hamas: We’ll recognize Israel within '67 borders

COMMENT AND ANALYSIS: Syria's secular regime attempts to ride a religious revival By Roula Khalaf
Washington Institute Taking Aim at Syria and Hizballah: Walid Jumblat's Brave Stance
Syria takes in Palestinian refugees stranded on Iraq border
Syria signs up US exploration firm
US, France circulates draft UN resolution on Syria
Jordan says Hamas trains recruits in Syria and Iran
Russia against new UN move on Syria
BBC Lebanon protests over reforms
Lebanon’s Power Politics
CFR Lebanese Political Leaders “Unable” to Reform or Take Country Forward
Lebanon must plan beyond Bush and Chirac By Michael Young

Washington Institute Perils and Promise of U.S.-Iranian Negotiations Direct talks with Tehran risk damaging U.S. popularity; undercutting Iranian reformists; framing the nuclear crisis as a bilateral, not a global, issue; and offering the Iranian government a propaganda coup. But the United States can take steps to minimize these dangers if it decides negotiations offer sufficient rewards.
UPI Analysis: Road to U.N. resolution on Iran By WILLIAM M. REILLYThe U.N. Security Council remains deadlocked in negotiations for a new resolution making mandatory Iran's compliance with the IAEA.
Washington Post United States Under Pressure on Tehran Experts From Both Parties Speak Out
Editorial Another Pitch to Iran Tehran suggests the West abandon democracy; the West offers talks. Is this how to stop a nuclear threat?
In Iran, Apocalypse vs. Reform By Jackson Diehl
Knight-Ridder Rice signals slight U.S. retreat on Iran, Palestinian aid
Slate Dear Mahmoud: How Bush should respond to the Iranian president's letter. Fred Kaplan
Ehsan Ahrari Iran’s Nuclear Policy Muddle, May 10, 2006
Iran's leader casts himself as Muslims' regional hero

Juan Cole - "Saving Iraq: Mission Impossible,"
New York Times Iraq Set to Unify Security Forces to Battle Chaos
Weekly Standard The Sistani Paradox Building a democracy with the ayatollahs we have. by Duncan Currie
Rebuilding Iraqi Security By Andrew Rathmell, Olga Oliker, Terrence K. Kelly, David Brannan, and Keith Crane
UPI 'No hope' left in Iraq, expert says
The Times Editorial Exodus of the Iraqi middle class For many professionals this assault on their livelihoods and expertise is the final straw, and they are leaving Baghdad in droves
An excerpt from Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal.
FT Building ambition raises Middle East financial stakesAs rival Gulf states seek to mimic Dubai’s success in attracting regional headquarters of businesses and banks with glitzy new developments, cannibalisation may set in.
Newsweek Hirsh: World Faces Devastating Energy Wars
The rise of a new global energy elite means high oil and gas prices are here to stay.
Zakaria: Osama Needs More Mud HutsGlobal Islamic terrorism is the product of scattered groups. It has much less support in the Muslim world than people think.

The Implications of China's Rise for Asia and Europe Finnish Instiute of International Affairs
Daily Star Turkey fears the worst from a U.S. attack against Iran By Kemal Kirisci

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