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Washington Institute Funding Alternatives to Hamas
From Al-Ahram, a greater Palestine? Perhaps "Palestine" should be declared to include Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and Jordan
Helena Cobban Wolfensohn steps down; End of Quartet?
Report: Iran could recognize Israel
Gulf News The only way forward to peace
The recent comment by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of the readiness to sit at the negotiating table with Israel should be embraced, pursued and made a reality.
Hamas: We'll consider 2002 Arab peace plan only if Israel accepts it first
BBC Hamas moves to fix salary crisis Hamas aims to ease a salary crisis by paying Palestinian state workers directly with funds from Arab nations.
Peres to Palestinians: Disarm, talk peace
West to halt 'collapse' of Palestinian Authority The international envoy to the Middle East has resigned and warned of the dangers ahead if the West cuts everything but humanitarian aid
Palestinian business calls for unity government Leaders of the Palestinian private sector called on Hamas and other political parties to set up a government of national unity that would formulate its own plan for peace with Israel.
Israel: New Cabinet, Old Problems

Syria lashes back at UN as France, U.S. warn of 'harsher' resolution By Rym Ghazal The U.S. and France threatened to draft a new and "harsher" resolution against Syria within the week, as Damascus slammed UN special envoy Terje Roed-Larsen's report for "overstepping" the mandate of UN Security Council 1559.
Workshop on Economic Reform in Syria
Syria: Opposition activist arrested
Syrian-Turkish Businessmen Council Meets in Istanbul
Syria, Iran $70m cable deal
Top Media Censorship List
Syria Comment "Beirut Bombshell," by Prothero

CSM Cautious Iran Tehran may want to 'wipe Israel off the map,' but it won't do it with nukes. By Steven Simon and Ray Takeyh
U.S., Britain and France Draft U.N. Resolution on Iran's Nuclear Ambitions By ELAINE SCIOLINO
Washington Note Fuzzy Strategy on Iran: America's Threat Credentials Doubted
UPI Outside View: Avoiding war with Iran By F. Stephen Larrabee and Peter A. Wilson
Cautious Iran Tehran may want to 'wipe Israel off the map,' but it won't do it with nukes. By Steven Simon and Ray Takeyh
Iran Threatens Israel if U.S. Attacks...
Iran's Ahmadinejad plays the populist card to stay on top
BBC US warns of tough Iran resolution A top US diplomat says he expects EU states to prepare a binding UN resolution on Iran's nuclear programme.
Washington Post U.S., Allies Craft Response on Iran Work With Europe on a Binding U.N. Resolution Follows Defiance From Tehran
Russia, China oppose Iran attack
Russia and China have told Tehran they will not support sanctions or military action over the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme, Iran's foreign minister said yesterday, before talks between major powers in France.
US allies urge direct dialogue with Iran
Merkel to press Bush on Tehran Merkel will today urge Bush not to press too quickly for international sanctions...
Los Angeles Times Editorial Last chance for a nuke-free Iran It might be too late to stop Iran's nuclear program, but the U.S. still needs to try.

Financial Times COMMENT: There can be no real exit from Iraq By Anthony Cordesman
RFE/RL Iraq: The Hurdles To Forming A Government Al-Shahrastani interview
The Times In the chaos of Iraq, one project is on target: a giant US embassy The question enrages a city: how is it the Americans cannot keep the electricity running in Baghdad, yet still build the biggest embassy on Earth?
US softens tactics in Iraq US forces to take a less confrontational approach to civilians in response to British criticism that they have been too tough
RCP Prepare For Iran, Get Out of Iraq Ed Koch
Daily Star A theory behind Iraqi political haggling By Colin Rowat Four months after parliamentary elections, Iraq finally seems to have a viable prime minister-designate in Jawad al-Maliki. Why did the process take so long, and will the remaining negotiations over sensitive Cabinet posts like the Interior, Defense, Oil and Finance Ministries be any easier?
Iraqi President Says Sunni Insurgents See Iran as Threat 'Great Change' in War Aims Is Cited
Biden speech on Iraq. The Way Forward in Iraq: Avoiding Partition, Preserving Unity, Protecting America’s Interests
Juan Cole proposal --y, Settling Iraq before it Blows Up
Passport - Foreign Policy Magazine Blog Cut and Run? You Bet Why America must get out of Iraq now. Lt. Gen. William E. Odom
Der Spiegel Iraq's Oil Industry on the Verge of Collapse
Iraq's Sunnis Press for Constitutional Changes

Dailşy Star The lessons of a predominantly Middle Eastern Turkey By Rami G. Khouri Full disclosure from the start: I am a great admirer of Turkey. Of course I am glad that four centuries of Ottoman control over the Arab world ended after World War I, yet I wish that Turks and Arabs had more regular encounters so that the modern Turkish experience could rub off on us and inspire us.
Kurds and Turks do business for the future
As they attempt to secure their hold on a semi-independent slice of Iraq and rebuild its economy, Kurdish leaders have turned in a surprising direction towards Turkey.
Daily Star Entire region stands to benefit from increased Chinese influence China's economy is growing by leaps and bounds, and the Asian giant's presence on the world stage is naturally becoming far larger. Nowhere is this truer than in the Middle East, where the Chinese are working hard to secure the energy supplies they need to keep their thirsty construction and manufacturing sectors humming. With this added influence comes added responsibility, however.
Dar Al-Hayat Hazem al Amin writes: Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood on the Verge of a New Phase - An interview with Zaki Saad, Secretary General of Jordan’s Islamic Action Front. (Part I of II)
Gulf News Dialogue is the only way
Are we on the verge of war, or is there still a chance for reason and logic to prevail and avoid a possible fourth war in the region?
William Arkin Al Qaeda = Neocons: Is This What People Think?
Banned in the Middle East - Michael Atkinson

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