Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Washington Post A Realistic Idealism There's a Right Way to Support Democracy in the Mideast By Madeleine K. Albright
Jerusalem Post The Region: A 'civil war' born of Islamism By BARRY RUBINWhen thinking of the Middle East, Sudan may not immediately come to mind.
Muslims and Jews: Common Ground By Robert Eisen
Daily Star Arab regimes have to take action before Iraq's nightmare spreads

Fatal attraction: the Hamas-Iran alliance By Anna Mahjar-Barducci
Sunday Times Israel foils plot to kill Palestinian president
Did Hamas Try To Kill Abbas?
Targeting Hamas hurts innocents
By Fareed Taamallah Israel, Europe and the U.S. are punishing Palestinian civilians.
Ha’aretz – Aluf Benn An heir of difference Olmert is very different from Sharon. He is resolved, unequivocal and completely focused on the task at hand.
Yedioth Ahronoth '62% want Arab emigration' Annual survey shows Israel continues to decline in democracy index; nearly one third of respondents say Jewish majority required for crucial national decisions, almost two thirds want to encourage Arabs to leave the country
Guardian Enemies of the promised land David Hirsh New evidence shows that the Nazis feared and opposed the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine.
BBC Aid block 'may ruin Palestinians' The Hamas-led Palestinian Authority will collapse if it continues to be starved of aid, the World Bank warns.
FT Buffett's Israeli acquisition lifts investor mood
Editorial Buffett in Galilee
Pain of Hamas boycott worse than feared for Gaza's people
MEMRI May 09 SD# 1158 - Hamas Deputy Marzouk: Non-Recognition of Israel A Hamas Founding Principle
BBC Three die in Fatah-Hamas clashes Three Palestinians are killed after a gun battle in southern Gaza between rival Hamas and Fatah groups.
After Shootout, Palestinians Try to Calm Infighting
Changed times Mid-East Quartet faces hard choice over how to respond to Hamas
Yedioth Ahronoth 'Mideast peace slipping away' Jordan's King Abdullah: Two years left to forge Arab-Israeli settlement that could bring peace
Funds Cut, Gaza Faces a Plague of Health Woes
Curbs on Hamas have saddled the Palestinian medical system with crippling shortages of a range of medical supplies.
EU plans to go it alone with aid for Palestinians Humanitarian crisis could deepen, report warns · Quartet seeks to bypass Hamas in providing funds
Ex-Israeli Intel Head on Iran, Hamas
Ha’aretz The Country That Wouldn't Grow Up by Tony Judt
Boston Globe Playing ethnic politics By H.D.S. Greenway
Bush: US Must Ensure Israel's Security
UPI 'Dove' takes over Israeli Defense Ministry
Olmert'in dayatması konuşuluyor, peki ya Arap Barış Planı? Ceyda Karan

Washington Institute Putting the Squeeze on Syria

Financial Times Iran in surprise approach to BushMahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, Iran’s president, demonstrated again his capacity to surprise the world by writing directly to President George W. Bush, in an apparent effort to deflect US pressure for international action over its nuclear programme
Daily Star Editorial Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush inspires new hope for resolving nuclear issue
BBC US rejects surprise Iran letter The Iranian president's letter to George W Bush does not address key issues, the White House says.
UPI U.S. can't count on European support in Iran war
BBC Targeting Iran Iranian exiles in the US differ over how to topple the ayatollahs
Iran Threatens Pullout From Treaty
U.S. Backs Push for Tehran to Stop Enrichment
Financial Times COMMENT: America must use a wide lens for its strategy on Iran By Chuck Hagel Any solution to the Iranian nuclear threat has to address the broader interests of all parties
Guardian Letter in need of an answer Simon Tisdall: Yesterday's letter from Ahmadinejad to Bush may represent a tentative but significant first step towards direct talks with the US.
IHT Merkel's advice on Iran Since she moved into the German chancellor's office last November, Angela Merkel has demonstrated a real skill in effective, low-key diplomacy.
Editorial Death in Basra Iran is exploiting the struggle for power among Iraq's Shia militias
US pushes for Iran financial sanctions
The Perils of Engagement - Calling for talks with Iran is just cheap talk Amir Taheri
CFR To Engage or Not Engage Tehran
Monitor Briefing: Iran's nuclear gambit As UN ministers craft a response to Iran, some basic questions answered.
Talk to Tehran A nuclear Iran will be seriously destabilizing. Our diplomacy should be aggressive and direct. By SAMUEL R. BERGER
C.I.A. Chief Will Face Critical Gaps in Iran Data - NYT
Don't think Iranians are united on the nuclear issue By Sadegh Zibakalam
Iran Says It Will Spurn Any U.N. Nuclear Edict
How Iran Pushes Up Oil Prices
To Counter Iran, Boost Missile Defenses - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic
Deft Demagoguery in Iran For Now, at Least, Ahmadinejad Is Winning Support By Jackson Diehl
Independent The Big Question: Is Iran developing a nuclear bomb, and if so, should it be stopped?
Tehran reaches out to US in surprise move

CSIS Iraq and the Problem of Militias -Anthony H. Cordesman
Atlantic Monthly FOREIGN AFFAIRS Hunkering Down A guide to the U.S. military’s future in Iraq by Fred Kaplan
New York Times Three Iraqs Would Be One Big Problem By ANTHONY H. CORDESMAN Fracturing Iraq into three ethno-religious entities would not serve either Iraqi or U.S. interests, and would make life for average Iraqis even worse.
UPI Policy Watch: Impact of a Quick Pullout
The time to pull out of Iraq draws near Con Coughlin
Editorial Funny Money on Iraq If the Bush administration wants to start winning back its credibility, honest budgeting for the war in Iraq would be one good place to start.
Recipe For a Wider War - Spencer Ackerman, The Plank
Edward Luttwak - Civil war: the only way to bring peace to Iraq - Sunday Telegraph
Death squads deepen division in Baghdad Bombs Sunday killed at least 30; some 45 men were found slain in the city
2 Years Later, Slayings in Iraq and Lost Cash Are Mysteries
Asia Times US stalls on Iraqi peace offer Gareth Porter
US General: Iraqi Army in North to Take Over Region in 2007
NPR Iraq's Kurds Prompt Troop Movement in Turkey, Iran
Prime Minister Barzani's speech emphasises efficiency and opennessKurdistan Regional Government
The latest Turkish and Iranian escapade and the Kurdish options - By Eamad MazouriAny intervention in Iraqi Kurdistan will certainly lead to the disturbance of that state which is very important for US.

Newsweek Hirsh: World Faces Devastating Energy Wars


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