Thursday, May 25, 2006


Analysis: Speech of PM's life officially kicks off 'Olmert Age'
Editorial Olmert's unlilateral agenda belies his claim to want a partner for peace "Our deepest wish is to build a better future for our region." This was what Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a joint meeting of Congress in Washington on Wednesday. But the Israeli premier's plans, which he outlined to US legislators, ensure that a better future for our region will become impossible. While Olmert's speech was heavily sugar-coated with peaceful expressions, such as his reference to Israel's.
Olmert says Israel `cannot wait for the Palestinians forever'
Ehud Olmert speech
Jerusalem Post Analysis: The phased approach to selling 'realignment'By HERB KEINON Olmert knows that for his plan to succeed, it will need int'l recognition, legitimacy and support
UPI Analysis: Palestinians tackle infighting
Palestinian rivals set for talks
Washington Times An Arab backlash against Hamas? Hamas' relations with Jordan are worsening, and the same may be about to occur with Egypt
BBC Words not actions The Israeli PM gets a warm reception but achieves little in US
Editorial A Viable Palestinian State We hope that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel and President Bush realize that there will not be peace unless the Palestinians have a say in creating a state that can function.
Leader The Palestinian charadeBoth the Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert and the US president appear to realise the futility of talking to the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas about the 'road map' to peace.
Minus the facts, Olmert's health offer is hypocritical By Rami G. Khouri
FT Leader Olmert meets BushIf Ehud Olmert is to be taken at face value, he has a Plan A and a Plan B for Israel's withdrawal from the West Bank.
Olmert Urges Palestinians to Talks Israeli Prime Minister says Hamas should meet terms for peace talks or face a unilaterally imposed settlement in the West Bank.
US Finesses Olmert Plan

Syria's regime writes its future in the sand By Robert G. Rabil
Christian Science Monitor Syria launches crackdown on dissent The biggest wave of arrests since 2001 hits advocates of better ties with Lebanon.
What's Hizbullah's problem with the army? By Michael Young
Syria Comment
Opposition News and Michel Kilo Quotes from Wieland
EU Statement Regarding Arrests in Syria

CSIS Winning the "Long War" in Iraq: What the US Can and Cannot Do -Anthony Cordesman

Washington Quarterly Turkey on the Brink Philip Gordon and Omer Taspinar - It is time to revisit the conventional wisdom that Turkey has no strategic options other than the West. The problem today is not Islamization, but a growing nationalist frustration with the United States and Europe. All the ingredients for a Turkish nationalist backlash are in place.
The Death of EnlargementGideon Rachman
The End of the Nation-State - Patrick Buchanan
Weekly Standard China Syndrome Capitalism does not necessarily lead to democracy. by Ellen Bork
The Washington Quarterly Summer 2006 - The Remaking of a Unipolar World Robert Jervis No state should have a greater stake in preserving the international system than its hegemon. Yet, the United States is behaving more like a revolutionary state than a status quo power. Why? The answer transcends both September 11 and President Bush himself.


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