Thursday, May 04, 2006


Slate Is There a Clash of Civilizations?: No one calls World War II an irresistible "clash of nationalities."
Robert Kagan and Amartya Sen

"Israel: U.S. Foreign Assistance" (pdf), updated April 26, 2006.
BBC Long road ahead Israel's new coalition has grand plans but faces big problems
UPI AnaIysis: Israel weighs Iran nuke threat
Yedioth Ahronoth Ex-Mossad chief: Take Iran seriously
Jerusalem Post 'Israel must change its message to the world' Expert recommends calling Israeli-Palestinian conflict a "border dispute" rather than an "occupation."
Daily Star New Fatah militia will 'challenge' Hamas Gunmen from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement announced the formation of a 2,000-strong militia on Wednesday designed to counter new police forces loyal to the Hamas government. "We formed the new force in a challenge to the force Hamas had formed and which we regard as illegal," Al-Muatasem Billah.
Ha'aretz Hamas: We'll move toward peace if Israel leaves occupied lands Hamas could reciprocate moves toward peace if Israel agrees to withdraw from all lands occupied in 1967 and recognizes Palestinian rights
Hamas blames US for pay block
Egypt, Jordan give Hamas cold shoulder
In New Problem for Palestinians, Banks Reject Transfers
Olmert appoints Israeli cabinet
Ehud Barak as convergence chief Ehud Barak's military and political experience is being squandered. Appointing him to chair the National Security Council could benefit Olmert's government.
Agence France Presse Olmert to helm shaky coalition Cabinet Ehud Olmert should be confirmed as Israeli premier Thursday, confronted with the huge task of fulfilling his pledge to redraw the country's borders as head of a four-party coalition. "The new government will face complex challenges ... I believe it will be sworn in," Olmert said Wednesday during a toast for military commanders.

Syria oversteps the mark with Bekaa sand-berms By Raed El Rafei and Morshed al-Ali - Lebanon's Premier Fouad Siniora said Wednesday that the issue of the sand-berms, which were erected by Syrian border guards inside Lebanese territory, was "not worrying and would not lead to any problems." Talking to reports after his meeting in Parliament with Speaker Nabih Berri, he said that he did not think the berms.
UPI Talabani: Syria terror source, Iran danger Iraqi President Jalal Talabani accused Syria of exporting terrorism to Iraq and Iran of posing a great danger to his country.
Syria Urges U.S. to Reconsider Policy in the ME
Rights group: Syria press facing persecution
Mashaal Describes Syria as a National and Pan-Arab Example to Follow
Bombed Lebanon anchor awarded

"Iran: U.S. Concerns and Policy Responses" (pdf), updated April 6, 2006.
BBC UN draft on nuclear Iran tabled
The UN Security Council debates a draft resolution that could trigger sanctions over Iran's nuclear programme.
Q&A: Iran nuclear stand-off
Nuclear report on Iran: Excerpts
Iran hits out at 'dangerous' US
FT US allies propose tough UN resolution on Iran China and Russia rejected an unexpectedly tough Security Council resolution on Iran, proposed by Britain and France, which ordered it to cease nuclear enrichment or face “further measures”.
RCP Give Iran Enough Rope by Victor Davis Hanson
Washington Times Iran and the Clintonistas Advocates of solving the Iranian nuclear weapons crisis through negotiations between the United States and Iran (and depending on the particular advocate, the European Union and/or Russia, China and the United Nations) face a huge challenge explaining away the failure of virtually all such
Christian Science Monitor Iran and the US share goals in Afghanistan The long-time foes have worked well together in the country, a place where they have common ground.
Don't blame the Great Satan Ian Black: The Iranian nuclear crisis is real enough, and blaming America won't help defuse it.
Analysis: Iran looms over Merkel visit
IHT News Analysis: For Merkel, a chance to mediate over Iran
WSJ U.S.-EU Unity Over Iran Masks Differences A U.S.-EU Iran resolution was sent to the Security Council. Russia and China oppose it. The politics resemble pre-Iraq war U.N. disunity

Another Way for Iraq? David S. Broder It might be time to stop insisting on a strong national government in Iraq and instead encourage Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to manage their own regions.
Stratfor Iraq: If Not Now, When? If there is an endgame to the American presence in Iraq, it is now.
“The Center for American Progress released Strategic Redeployment 2.0, a detailed plan on how to responsibly withdraw U.S.” troops from Iraq.
Joseph Biden's Iraq Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying TPMCafe
The Politics of Leaking By Howard Kurtz
Daily Star Editorial Iraqis are running out of time to save their country
Boston Globe Striking the right balance in Iraq(By Lawrence Korb and Brian Katulis)
Gulf News Partitioning Iraq: No starter
No reasonable Iraqi would be willing to accept the partitioning of his country, regardless of the packaging.
Daily TelegraphIraqis defend themselves Communities in Baghdad are forming bands of armed defenders as the wave of sectarian violence continues
Three sectarian negations cannot make a nation By Michael Young
The Colbert Blackout By Dan Froomkin

Guardian New frontline in the war on terror Pakistan: Experts fear Pakistan is losing fight against an Islamist militant revolt in its tribal belt.
UPI Outside View: Turkey needs to play key role in Mideast peace By Alon Ben-Meir

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