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CFR - Israel’s Political System
Olmert backs down; Shas joins coalition
Olmert finalises Israeli Cabinet posts
Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday named Abraham Hirchson as Israel's next finance minister, Olmert's office said following weeks of speculation.
Olmert announces pragmatic cabinet line-up Israel's PM names pragmatic coalition line-up designed to push through major withdrawal from West Bank settlements.
New Israeli cabinet eyes borders, pullout
Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of the Kadima party named his new coalition government Monday.
Olmert's fateful year
To the glory of the State of Israel
A. Somfalvi Coalition of frustrated Labor Party chairman better move quickly to consolidate power
FT Israel's finance minister named Avraham Hirchson, a close friend of Ehud Olmert, acting Israeli prime minister, was named finance minister yesterday in a new government that is expected to maintain
The Region: Hamas can't even fake moderation By BARRY RUBIN - At last, the ideal slogan for the Hamas government has been given us by one of the group's main leaders, Mahmoud Zahar, buried in a speech he gave at a rally in Damascus.
Gulf News Hamas should play it Arafat style
If I were a Palestinian living in the Occupied Territories, I would not have voted for Hamas, despite my grand commitment to the Palestinian cause.
BBC Hamas moves to fix salary crisis
Hamas aims to ease a salary crisis by paying Palestinian state workers directly with funds from Arab nations.
Desperate times Gaza traders struggle to make a living as Hamas falls short
Yedioth Ahronoth Halutz: No confrontation with Hamas in near future A heavy moustache is hovering these days over the Israel Defense Forces and the security establishment. It owner, Defense Minister-designate Amir Peretz, is mystery for military leaders. How will the man
Shin Bet: Hamas ordered Karni attack
Gulf News Military action against Iran possible, says Israeli chief
The world can take military action against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons, Israel?s army chief said on Tuesday.
Halutz: 'The world can stop Iran' Chief of Staff adds he is opposed to the reoccupation of the Gaza Strip.
Peres to 'Post': Olmert to meet Abbas Says int'l community might accept Israel unilaterally defining its own borders.
Olmert: I'll do everything to steer country to peace During Jerusalem ceremony marking beginning of Memorial Day events
Hamas meeting European envoys
Haaretz Welcome to Israel: Population seven million and still counting
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Israel crosses the threshold By Avner Cohen and William Burr

Syria Comment "Highly Unlikely" that Bashar al-Asad is involved in Hariri Assassination plot writes t_desco
Syrian Envoy Takes Issue With Annan Report on Syria-Lebanon Ties
SYRIA: Private media breaks taboos, but restrictions remain
Syria is Continuing Process of Reform
SYRIA: Report urges greater political participation by women
Syrian Court Sentences 2 Kurds, Islamist To Up To 4 Years
Syria Criticizes the US Annual Report on Terrorism

The United States, Israel, and the Possible Attack on Iran - Stephen Zunes
FT Iran urges UN action against US Iran has called for UN action against US military threats in a letter sent yesterday to Kofi Annan, UN secretary-general, Tehran's national news agency reported "US
Asia Times The Case AgainstSanctions on Iran by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
Daily Telegraph Strikes on Iran 'too risky' Military action against Iran would be fraught with risk and have repercussions across the region, a leading US general has conceded.
Washington Post Editorial Back to the Security Council Iran says it won't heed a U.N. resolution -- but that's not the point.
CFR UN Explores Iran Options
Daily Telegraph Strikes on Iran 'too risky' Military action against Iran would be fraught with risk and have repercussions across the region, a leading US general has conceded.
Iran’s Secret Plan if Attacked by US Codenamed “Judgement Day”
The Nuclear Challenge from Iran Philip H. Gordon, Foresight Magazine (May 2006)
BBC UN powers to review Iran atom row Officials from top UN Security Council member nations are to discuss efforts to curb Iran's nuclear programme.
Dar Al-Hayat Iran and the Iraqi Government Abdel Wahab Badrakhan - Is al-Malki really less ‘Iranian’ than Al Jaafary? al-Malki had chosen Syria as his exile for many years. Not only does he belong to the Da'wa Party, he is the second man there. This party cannot go up against Iran or avoid its cloak. The Americans may have good reasons for viewing al-Malki as the best choice But the Iraqi political circle does not share this sentiment. The upcoming Cabinert needs to prove its designation as a Cabinet of "National unity".

CSIS Dividing Iraq: Think Long and Hard First -Anthony H. Cordesman
Christian Science Monitor Stability in Iraq won't come without disbanding militias Create jobs in construction and encourage individuals, not groups, to join Iraqi security. By David C. Gompert
Disbanding the Militias: Iraq's Next Tough Job - Austin Bay
Der Spiegel On the Verge of Collapse The British and the Americans are guarding Iraq's Persian Gulf oil platforms -- the troubled country's only real sources of revenue -- like crown jewels. But Iraqi oil is flowing sluggishly at best, while hoped-for investments haven't materialized and the Iraqi oil industry is on the verge of collapse -- both technical and political.
Al Hayat Iran and the Iraqi Government Abdel Wahab Badrakhan - Is al-Malki really less ‘Iranian’ than Al Jaafary?
Iraq future uncertain New report says US has failed to protect oil, while Iraqi VP says 100,000 have fled sectarian violence.
Partitioning Iraq: Easier Said Than Done
Looking For the Exit in Iraq - George Packer, The New Yorker
Democracy Arsenal Divide (Iraq) and Conquer?
UPI Analysis: Partitioning Iraq not a viable option Cordesman opposes partition
Asia Times Why war comes when no one wants it
Iraq Three Years Later - Michael Young, Leon Hadar & Tom Palmer, Reason

Financial Times Resurgence of Shia arouses ancient fears among Sunni
Modern, moderate Muslim TV
A new Islamic satellite channel called Al Risala offers non-traditional, media- savvy viewing options for Muslims.
The Times A pillar of wisdom in the great Islamic debate Dean Godson For years the US Government has listened to and learnt from the 90-year-old Professor Bernard Lewis

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