Sunday, February 05, 2006


Give Hamas Nothing for Free By Dennis Ross, During my years of trying to negotiate peace between Israel and its neighbors, I was struck by how rarely the two sides were in sync
Freshly Elected Hamas Comes Out From the Shadows By Scott Wilson, Ahmed Bahar arrived here in his mother's womb, the beginning of a journey that has taken him from the refugee camps of the Gaza Strip
You Get What You Vote For. What Does Hamas Get Us? By Abdallah Alsalmi, Here in Gaza, we are holding our breath, waiting to see what the unprecedented victory of Hamas in our legislative elections will mean
A Look at Hamas How Operates By The Associated Press, Some facts on the militant group Hamas
Question of Who Runs Hamas Vital After Win By SAM F. GHATTAS, For nearly two decades, Hamas fought Israel with suicide bombings and rockets, while its overseas arm raised money and launched
Syrians Torch Embassies Over Caricatures By ALBERT AJI, Thousands of Syrians enraged by caricatures of Islam's revered prophet torched the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus
Cartoons Spark Burning of Embassies By Karl Vick, Outrage among Muslims around the world over cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad again erupted into violence on Saturday
U.S. Decries Embassy Torchings in Syria By DEB RIECHMANN, The White House said Saturday it will hold Syria responsible for the burning of Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus
Iran Willing to Negotiate on Nuke Program Iran said Sunday it was still willing to negotiate with the international community over its nuclear program, despite its referral
Iran Vows Enrichment After U.N. Referral By GEORGE JAHN, The International Atomic Energy Agency reported Iran to the U.N. Security Council on Saturday over fears it wants to produce
Area Muslims React With Tempered Anger By Caryle Murphy, Wearing a brown golf cap against the cold drizzle, Rocky Omary stood outside Walima Cafe in Falls Church, where he and about 50 other men of
Iran To Face Security Council By John Ward Anderson, Members of the International Atomic Energy Agency vote to report Iran to the U.N. Security Council over concerns that the country is trying to


Anonymous said...

Give nothing to Hamas for free is a fair logic (and it should be so), except that the author reads too much into the election mandate. Sharon won the election in early 2000 from an extreme right wing platform and not much was read into it. But the same electorate is now in sync with his moves to withdraw from Palestinian areas. What an electorate votes for is not as much about what it stands for but a relative position based on a range of prevailing and past situations. Also, one has to note that Hamas of the past carried no responsibility. Today, it has nothing but responsibility on its shoulders. The first stroke of making it aware of its responsibility is to not give it anything for free. Let's take it from there.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in the West seems to be very quick to talk about the responsibility that we believe the Palestinians have to the Israelis. When will we began to talk about the responsibilities that Israel has to the Palestinian people. This conflict is in no way a conflict of equal portions. Israelis have been harmed by suicide bombers and Palestinians have been harmed by the occupation. Until someone decides to stop blaming the other side for all of their problems and take good faith steps toward peace, the occupation will continue to take the lives and dignity of both Israelis and Palestinians. Up until this point neither the government of Israel or the Palestinian Authority has been upfront with their intentions. Israel will not allow a Palestinian state on anywhere near economically viable terms. It is time that the United States makes Israel take responsibility for its actions in the same manor that it attempts to make the Palestinian Authority take responsibility for its actions.