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Violence Spreads Over Cartoon Controversy Mohamed Nimer, Mohamed Nimer, Ph.D., research director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, discussed the controversial cartoon depictions of the
NBC 4 more deaths in cartoon protests As violent protest flared throughout Muslim populations on Tuesday, taking more lives and for the first time targeting an American facility, the United States accused Iran and Syria of deliberately stoking the anger.
BBC Iran and Syria 'incited violence' US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Iran and Syria are fuelling Muslim anger in the cartoon row.
Slate Depicting Mohammed: Why I'm offended by the Danish cartoons of the prophet.
Reza Aslan
WSJ Editorial Page Moral Atomic Bomb BY BERNARD-HENRI LEVY, In the midst of a planetary intifada, let us stand by the moderate Muslims.
Daily Star Let's admit to a growing Islamist problem By Michael Young
Gulf News Cartoon row could complicate relations The controversy can be the beginning of a long misunderstanding between the West and East.
Der Spiegel All Cartoon Politics Are Local Muslim outrage reflects specific national conflicts -- most of them exacerbated by Bush's policies. By Juan Cole
Cartoon Jihad: Rotten Judgment in the State of Denmark
Comic Kampf: Jyllands-Posten Rejected Jesus Satire
Guardian Our media must give Muslims the chance to debate with each other Timothy Garton Ash: We used to say 'When in Rome do as the Romans'; but Rome is now Tunis, Cairo and Tirana, while London is all the world.
Turmoil Over Cartoons Began Quietly Among Danes By Kevin Sullivan, The global furor over cartoons of the prophet Muhammad can be traced to one day last September when newspaper editor
E-Mail, Blogs, Text Messages Propel Anger Over Images By Kevin Sullivan, Mohammad Fouad Barazi, a prominent Muslim cleric here, received a text message on his cell phone last week. It was a mass...... Weekly Standart Fear Factor by Edward Morrissey, Giving in to radical Islam won't help moderate Muslims.
Christian Science Monitor Cartoon furor deepens divisions Muslim anger escalated after European newspapers chose to republish the drawings.
A Cartoon's Portrait of America By Anne Applebaum, The Islamic world is learning that we don't respect religion in the same manner they do. Slowly, we are learning that they feel differently about
Cartoons, Free Elections, & Combat Operations - Austin Bay, RealClearPolitics
Opportunists Make Use of Cartoon Protests By Griff Witte, Like tens of thousands of protesters this week, the crowd that gathered Wednesday in the southern Afghan town of
Bush Shifts on Muslim Protests By Jim VandeHei, The Bush administration yesterday condemned the violent response to European cartoons mocking Islam and accused Iran and Syria of exploiting the
Bush Urges Nations to End Violence; Rice Accuses Syria and Iran By DAVID E. SANGER, The U.S. secretary of state accused Iran and Syria of fueling the protests for political gain, and said "the world ought to call them on it."
Independent Violent protests are a 'growing global crisis' The violent uproar over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohamed has become "a growing global crisis", the Prime Minister of Denmark said.
Bush Rebukes Muslim Violence, Chides Press By TERENCE HUNT, President Bush condemned the deadly rioting sparked by cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on Wednesday, and his secretary of state. NYT A Cartoon's Portrait of America By Anne Applebaum
Rice Accuses Iran, Syria in Muslim Violence By TERENCE HUNT, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Iran and Syria on Wednesday of instigating Muslim protests triggered by drawings of
Cartoon Protesters Direct Anger at U.S. By NOOR KHAN, Police killed four people Wednesday as Afghans enraged over drawings of the Prophet Muhammad marched on a U.S. military base
AP Protests Use of Photo in Controversy The Associated Press protested Wednesday the misleading inclusion of an AP photograph in a pamphlet purporting to show
FT Cartoon controversy: Middle East blogwatch Bloggers in the Middle East have been attempting to make sense of the furore that followed the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Fiona Symon offers a selection of some of the best.
BBC Militant stance Hamas faces question whether to accept Israel's legimacy UPI Analysis: Israel's woes and the Likud By MARTIN SIEFF, Everything Benjamin Netanyahu warned about has come to pass -- yet he has gained no benefit from it in the Israeli election campaign: Why not?
Jerusalem Post Hamas plans independent economy By ORLY HALPERN AND AP, A-Zahar: Separate from Israel in agriculture, industry, health issues.
Gulf News How Hamas will manage its victory
The road ahead remains murky but with foresight and international goodwill, the Palestinians can come up with a workable solution.
The Hamas Tightrope - Ralph Peters, USA Today
Hamas Leader Tells Abbas Not to Act on His Own By GREG MYRE, Hamas warned the Palestinian president not to revamp the Palestinian Authority or make cabinet appointments without their approval.
Guardian Hamas, the peace party Aluf Benn: Once they sent suicide bombers to Israel; now they bring discipline and a sense of realpolitik.BBC Hamas 'ready to talk to Israel'
Haaretz poll: Hamas win, transfer of funds to PA hurts Kadima Hamas Warns Abbas Not to Make Changes By MAAMOUN YOUSSEF, Hamas warned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday not to make changes in the government without consulting it _ the......
Haaretz The next political move By Israel Harel, Israel's leaders, including the commanders of the Israel Defense Forces - who for some reason have also jumped on Olmert's wagon - hold the key to reconciliation.
Christian Science Monitor Palestinians probe the depth of graft Hamas's campaign to end corruption may have spurred the inquiry into millions in stolen aid.
The Daily Star Editorial A weak Palestinian government is not in anyone's interest In the wake of Hamas' election victory, the world is threatening to cut funding to the Palestinian government. Both the United States and the European Union have said that they will stop giving aid to the Palestinian Authority if the ruling Hamas Party fails to renounce violence and recognize Israel.
Gulf News Islamic Jihad to stay out of government Islamic Jihad on Wednesday ruled out joining a new Palestinian government following Hamas's election victory or forging any long-term truce with Israel.
Two Allies' Tacks On Hamas Dilemma By Glenn Kessler, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni struck quite a tableau as they met yesterday with reporters in the
We in Hamas demand that Israel agree a package deal By Ghazi Hamed
Haaretz We are not alone in this struggle By Avraham Tal, Israel is not alone in dealing with aggressive fundamentalist Islam. It's now being made tangible to European countries - by the street rioting and the torching of embassies - that their culture and the lives of their citizenry are in real danger.
Jerusalem Post Hamas's problem Israel is acting as if it wishes to save the PA from collapse even if Hamas is behind it.Palestinians Attack Gaza-Israel Checkpoint Three armed Palestinians attacked a checkpoint between Israel and Gaza before daybreak Thursday, the military said
Jerusalem Post Netanyahu on offensive against Olmert Says funds to help poor are ready, but Olmert is not authorizing them.
UPI Analysis: The Netanyahu conundrum Everything Benjamin Netanyahu warned about has come to pass -- yet he has gained no benefit from it in the Israeli election campaign: Why not?
Iran Remains Defiant on Nuclear Program Dafna Linzer, Washington Post staff writer Dafna Linzer discussed Iran's continued defiance over their nuclear program
IHT Thanks, Iran, for the reminder DAVID HOWELL AND CAROLE NAKHLE, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has done more to ensure that the green revolution moves forward than a dozen presidential speeches or a score of low-carbon targets.
NBC: For Iran, nukes a national issue
Jereusalem Post Ahmadinejad - incitement deserves indictment By R. BLUM, G. STANTON, E. RICHTER AND I. CHARNEY
Asia Times US fuels Iran's nuclear policy by Gareth Porter, The dominant view of the US intelligence community in recent years has been that Iran's fear of a US attack has driven its desire for a nuclear program, which could potentially lead to a nuclear weapons capability. Yet the US has steadfastly refused to stop rattling sabers.
IHT Facing down Iran Washington deserves credit for agreeing to the modest compromises necessary to build a broad diplomatic front against Iran for its troubling nuclear behavior.
Saudi Ambassador Decries Iran Nuke Program By AMANDA LEE MYERS, The Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States on Wednesday denounced Iran's uranium enrichment program and what he called
Haaretz Syrian ex-VP, Muslim Brothers team up in bid to topple Assad Yoav Stern, Syria's elite republican guard goes on high alert in light of Khaddam's recent statements against Assad.
Voice of America Syria Should Not Serve Iranian 'Strategic Interests' Says Former Vice President of Syria Abdul-Halim Khaddam told the Voice of America (VOA) in an exclusive interview that he is opposed to President Assad's
FT Alleged transit of fighters from Syria to Iraq slows Alleged infiltration of foreign militants into Iraq through Syria appears to have dramatically slowed down, according to US military officers on the Iraqi-Syrian border.
Gulf News What's happening to Lebanon? The ruling elite has so far failed to show leadership or the ability to run the country

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