Thursday, February 02, 2006


Newsweek Zakaria: Why U.S. Didn’t See Hamas ComingArafat created one of the most ill-disciplined, corrupt and ineffective organizations ever to be taken seriously on the world stage.
Newsweek What Hamas Won: A Mess It Can’t Fix?
Hamas emerges victorious in a Palestinian election that stuns the world. But what did the militants win? A mess—and they can't fix it alone.
BBC Hamas pressured to accept Israel Regional leaders set tough conditions for election victors Hamas to head a new Palestinian government.
The Daily Star Defining a vision for the future state of Palestine The results of the Palestinian elections last week have elicited extensive media coverage, much of it centered on the ramifications and implications of the Hamas victory. On a more fundamental level however, no matter what type of Palestinian government is in power, a future Palestinian state should be of a particular nature and character.
LA Times The weakness in backing strongmen By Max Boot Hamas' victory shows the folly of relying on tyrants to repress Islamic extremists.
Editorial Hamas at the Helm
If ever there was a time of opportunity for the few remaining souls who have not given up on chances for Middle East peace, now might just be it.
'Far right – Jewish Hamas'
New Republic Let Hamas turn to Iran by Joseph Braude
IHT The price of ignoring Palestinians' needs NATAN SHARANSKY Hamas's victory in the Palestinian elections is the logical outcome of a "peace process" that completely ignored what was happening within Palestinian society.
The Daily Star Israel must say 'no' to militant Islamist democracy by Yossi Alpher
Both the Arab world and the West are watching Israel's response to the Hamas victory in the Palestinian parliamentary elections. As if the safety and security of Israel's own citizens were not reason enough to act wisely and carefully, we have to bear in mind that Israel's actions and reactions could constitute an important model for the way others deal.
'We shall never recognize... a Zionist state on our soil' By Khaled Meshaal
The chief of Hamas' political bureau outlines its mission--and its message for the U.S., Europe, the Arab states and Israel.
Gulf News The door is open for Hamas
The absence of an American threat gives hope that the Bush administration may be wishing to engage the new Palestinian leadership.
Bush Says U.S. Would Defend Israel Militarily By Glenn Kessler, President Bush said yesterday the United States would defend Israel militarily if necessary against Iran, a statement that appeared to be his most
The Heir to Israel's Troubles By Scott Wilson, He has been pictured lately in the Israeli cabinet room next to a large, empty chair -- the one where Prime Minister Ariel
The Daily Star Egypt and Jordan join West in pressuring Hamas
Egypt and Jordan joined the West on Wednesday in pressuring Hamas, declaring that it must recognize Israel and renounce violence if it wants to lead the Palestinians. After a meeting in Cairo between President Mahmoud Abbas and President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman urged Hamas to take three key steps.
NYT Egypt Insists That Hamas Stop Violence
Gulf News Hamas offers to renew truce with Israel to ease concerns
A Hamas leader on Wednesday said the group was ready to renew its ceasefire with Israel to ease global concerns over the resistance movement's triumph in Palestinian parliamentary elections.
Squaring Islam With Democracy By Jim Hoagland, "I have no idea what the result will be, but I am certain that it will lead to a very interesting situation
Washington Post Editorial Retreating on the Offensive THE MOST important foreign policy theme in President Bush's State of the Union speech Tuesday night was his warning that the United States cannot afford to retreat from the aggressive defense of its interests abroad.
Saudi Arabia, Qatar to Fund Palestinians By MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH, Israel froze the transfer of millions of dollars in tax rebates and customs payments to the Palestinian Authority, andBBC Cash crunch How the Palestinian funding crisis is likely to hit ordinary people
Arabs Pressure Hamas to Renounce Violence By SALAH NASRAWI, Egypt and Jordan joined the West in pressuring the militant group Hamas Wednesday, declaring it must recognize Israel and renounce
State Dept. Confident U.N. to Take on Iran By BARRY SCHWEID, Denouncing Iran's nuclear activities, the Bush administration expressed confidence Wednesday that the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency
Newsweek Dickey: Will Iran Meetings Stop Armageddon?The next few weeks of diplomacy on Iran’s nukes may be too fast and too furious. What we really need to avoid Armageddon.
FT Bush ‘calling for Iran regime change’President George W. Bush’s appeal to the Iranian people to “win your own freedom” was a barely disguised call for regime change in Iran.
BBC Nuclear watchdog to vote on Iran
The UN's nuclear body is to vote on the key step of reporting Iran to the Security Council over its nuclear plans.
BBC Key nations' stances on Iran
Brookings Institution Iran: Regaining Energy Leverage By Michael O’Hanlon
Iran Will Be No Iraq - Richard Cohen, New York Daily News
Gulf News Scrap price rise, Bashar loyalists tell government
In an unprecedented move, the Committee of National Dialogue a group of politicians loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad urged the government to scrap price increases and relieve citizens of additional financial burden.
A delegation representing the Kurdish Political Movements in Syria met with US State Department

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