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Haaretz Olmert: We must separate from Palestinians, draw final borders In first interview as acting PM Olmert says major settlement blocs, united J'lem to remain in Israeli hands.
Jerusalem Post Olmert oulines country's future borders Ariel, Ma'aleh Adumim, Gush Etzion blocs are 'inseparable' part of Israel."
Jerusalem Post Hamas: Olmert must accept less Top Hamas leader laughed at Olmert's plans for Israel's final borders.
Israeli PM Plans to Keep Main Settlements By AMY TEIBEL, Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday that Israel will give up territory and relinquish control over most of the West Bank's
IHT Israel to encircle Palestinian state Acting Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert, says he will keep control of Jordan valley.
NYT Olmert Says Israel Will Keep 3 Large West Bank Settlement Blocs
Haaretz Olmert: Israel will separate from West Bank
FT Olmert plans further withdrawals Israel plans further withdrawals from the West Bank but will hold on to large settlement blocs and the eastern border with Jordan, Ehud Olmert, acting prime minister
Haartez Olmert facing dissent within Kadima over unilateral pullout
BBC Hamas chiefs discuss government
Jerusalem Post 'Hamas must back peace or go broke' By ORLY HALPERNP, A minister tells 'Post' Hamas must change its ideology or PA will disappear.
Gulf News Hamas seeks to include Fatah in new government, say officials
Gulf News Hamas likely to control many security agencies
Times Hamas moderates its rhetoric on Israel By Simon Freeman
Hamas today hinted that it may suspend its commitment to the destruction of Israel as the militant organisation's leaders convened in Cairo to begin constructing a new Palestinian government.
Graham E. Fuller - Hamas Comes to Power: Breakthrough or Setback? Strategic Insights, Volume V, Issue 2
BBC Taking stock Palestinians consider the social effects of the Hamas victory
UPI Israeli-Palestinian fighting flares up By JOSHUA BRILLIANT, Ten Palestinians were killed this week as Israel resumed its policy of 'zero tolerance to terror' and responded to Qassam rocket attacks and attempted
Newsweek Extreme Victory Hamas emerges victorious in a Palestinian election that stuns the world. But what did the militants win? A mess—and they can't fix it alone.
Newsweek The Polls: What the Palestinians Really Voted For
Haaretz Responses to Hamas 40% of Jewish Israelis believe that Hamas legitimately represents the Palestinians.
Weekly Standart Hamas's Rock Star by Todd Bensman, By day he was an engineer working for the city of Dallas. On weekends he entertained at fundraisers for a terrorist group.
Newsweek White House Had Intel Warnings on Hamas
NYT Israel to Cooperate With Palestinian Authority for Now
BBC Ehud Olmert'in 'sınır' vizyonu İsrail'de başbakanlığa vekalet eden Ehud Olmert mart ayı seçimlerinde lideri olduğu Kadema Partisi kazanırsa İsrail'in gelecekteki sınırlarının nasıl çizilmesini isteyeceği konusunda ipuçları verdi.
BBC World figures deplore cartoon row
UN, EU and Muslim leaders call for calm in the wake of violence sparked by the Muhammad cartoons.
Rights and responsibilities
Are protests justified?
UPI Analysis: Tit-for-tat in cartoon spat By GARETH HARDING, Lurid newspaper headlines might refer to the recent violent protests at Danish drawings of Mohammed as "Cartoon Wars," but few people in Europe
WP: Cartoon furor began quietly
Asia Times Why can't Muslims take a joke? The Mohammed cartoon affair is even worse than it looks, yet the images are tame compared with other topics that the mainstream media avoid. With freedom of choice and access to information come doubt. Christianity and Judaism are bloodied - indeed, drained almost dry - by nearly two centuries of scriptural criticism; Islam's turn barely has begun.
Der Spiegel THE CARTOON JIHAD 'Satanic Verses Taught us a Lesson' In her work as a social anthropologist, Professor Pnina Werbner of Britain's Keele University, has written extensively about the "Satanic Verses" affair and the tumult Salman Rushdie's novel created between western and Muslim cultures. In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE she compares the greatest literary debate of our time to the outrage over Danish caricatures of Muhammad.
IHT When dignity is at stake by RIK COOLSAET, European non-Muslims must understand that the Danish cartoons degrade the dignity of Muslims.
Newsweek Essay: Islam's Cartoon Schism
IHT A 'dangerous moment' for Europe and Islam
The Danish cartoons: a neo-colonial slap By Rami G. Khouri
Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism - Daniel Pipes, New York Sun
NYT Muslim Protests Against Cartoons Spread
FT UN, EU and Muslims link in call to curb protests The United Nations, the European Union and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference issued a joint appeal for an end to violence around the Muslim world, following the publication of cartoons deemed offensive to Islam.
Controversy May Affect U.S. Efforts By Glenn Kessler, The outrage over cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad poses a challenge for the United States at a time when the Bush administration is
The Uses of Cartoons EXTREMISTS AND political opportunists across the Muslim world are rushing to exploit the controversy over the publication of cartoons of the
Protests Spread in Afghanistan By Griff Witte, Violent protests spread Tuesday across Afghanistan, where at least three demonstrators died in a clash with NATO
Time Why the Cartoon Clash Is Escalating
Independent Authorities backed Damascus riots, say protesters
Syrian protesters who burnt and looted the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus at the weekend were encouraged to organise by the Syrian authorities, and received text messages from Islamic study centres urging them to gather, according to participants in the riot.
Washington Times Syria seen as instigator
Strong Leads and Dead Ends in Nuclear Case Against Iran By Dafna Linzer, Iranian engineers have completed sophisticated drawings of a deep subterranean shaft, according to officials who have examined classified
WSJ Assad and the Ayatollah Their very different reactions to the Danish cartoons.
Asia Times Making enemies friends over Iran by Dmitry Shlapentokh Institutionalized revolutionaries such as those in Iran and radical Islamists such as Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda do not have much sympathy for one another. Yet extreme pressure on Iran would push these opposite forces into an odd alliance, reducing, not increasing, the overall security of the US.
The Globalist: Can the U.S. Use Iraq to Get Through to Iran?Poll: Growing Number of People Fear Iran By WILL LESTER, Americans' fears about Iran have grown sharply over the last few months as efforts by the United States and Europe to slow Tehran's
Daily Star Is Iranian power the Arab world's worst nightmare? By Iason Athanasiadis
Dar-Al Hayat Between Negotiation and Rebellion by Abdel Wahab Badrakhan - The political calculations seem to reveal to Iran that it still has ample time for challenge.
Haaretz The umbrella and its circumstances By Aluf Benn, In political life there are no free lunches, and President Bush's statements of protecting Israel remove the possibility of it taking matters into its own hands with Iran.
IHT U.S. moderation by Roger Cohen: Can the U.S. use Iraq to get through to Iran?
Iranian Paper Plans Holocaust Cartoons By NASSER KARIMI, A prominent Iranian newspaper said Tuesday it would hold a competition for cartoons on the Holocaust to test whether the West
SPIEGEL INTERVIEW WITH US GENERAL JAMES JONES "America Has Enough on its Hands Right Now" General James Jones is the top NATO commander in Europe and leader of all United States forces in Europe. SPIEGEL spoke with Jones about violence in Iraq, similarities with Vietnam, and whether the US military is prepared for a potential escalation of the Iran conflict.
Interview with Egypt's President Mubarak: "Foreign Troops Can't Do the Job"
NBC: U.S. man aided al-Zarqawi?


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