Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Jerusalem Post The Region: Appeasement redux By BARRY RUBIN, Is this the 1930s, or 2006?
Haaretz PA parliament expands powers of Abbas in final session By Arnon Regular, Approves amendment to give Abbas authority to unililaterally appoint judges to constitutional court.
Jerusalem Post Abbas 'coup' in the PLC outrages Hamas By ORLY HALPERN, New laws give president veto over legislature; Hamas calls them 'immoral.'
Abbas now controls Palestinian media By KHALED ABU TOAMEH
Haaretz Israel cuts Jordan Rift from rest of West Bank Palestinian residents of the West Bank are prohibited from entering Jordan Valley, Dead Sea.
Israel 'has annexed Jordan Valley and shut out Palestinians'
Obsolete security asset Haaretz Editorial, It's difficult to understand why the Jordan Valley is considered a security asset. It's difficult to expect Iranian missiles to be halted by the Jordan River.
Jerusalem Post Strapped Hamas courts Muslim cash By ORLY HALPERN, US, EU withhold aid to exert pressure on party.
NYT U.S. and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster By STEVEN ERLANGER, The U.S. and Israel are discussing ways to destabilize the Palestinian government to produce a Hamas failure and new elections.
The plan: Oust Hamas New York Times says U.S., Israel discussing destabilization of Palestinian government so Hamas officials will fail and elections will be called; intention is to starve PA of money to point where Abbas forced to call new elections
Haaretz It's up to Hamas By Amir Oren, Russian President Vladimir Putin's offer to talk to Hamas is like a key to a lock for the Americans, a blessing and not a curse.
MSNBC Sharon’s recovery chances dim
MSNBC Israel slams Putin for invitation to Hamas
U.S., Israel talk ways to destabilize Hamas - NYT
Yediot Ahranot 'Most Americans back Israel' Gallup poll: Support for Israel in U.S. highest since Gulf War; support for Palestinians drops
Venezuela welcomes Hamas Vice President Rangel says: What is the problem? They've just won an election
Haaretz Hamas collects militants' weapons in northern Gaza Mahmoud Al-Zahar says group unswayed by threats to cut off aid, says no plans to recognize Israel
PINR "Intelligence Brief: Recognizing Hamas, Iran Welcomes Shi'a Control in Iraq" Full text of report
Yedioth Ahronoth Hope in the Middle East Israelis, Palestinians have a lot to learn from Lebanon's hopefulness, Ray Hanania says
Sharon Undergoes Intestinal Surgery
A farewell to Sharon By Yoel Marcus, Sharon's greatness was that at every stage he recognized the turning point. His attitude toward the settlers changed when he recognized the limits of force, and the international pressure to put an end to the occupation.
BBC Katsav in historic Greece visit Israeli President Moshe Katsav is due in Athens, becoming the first Israeli head of state to visit Greece.
UPI Israeli Defense Minister Mofaz to Egypt
Christian Science Monitor Russia and France reach out to Hamas
The diplomacy could help the new Palestinian government fend off radical influences.
Putin's Disturbing Invitation to Hamas - Richard Cohen, New York Daily News
Dar Al Hayat Rafik Hariri: "Assassinating me is improbable; it is a big decision, one that is dangerous and costly. They want to keep the country sick. No one has an interest in killing a sick person . . . and they reject curing him."
Ghassan Charbel - In unpublished interviews that were awaiting completion or approval for publication
Saudi-Syrian Relations after Hariri Tony Badran - Beneath the veneer of cordial diplomatic exchanges, Saudi policy toward Syria is fundamentally adversarial.
Lebanon still haunted by Hariri assassination
Daily Star Carrying the torch of Hariri's legacy into the future
Greater than the sum of its deaths By Michael Young
Gulf News Hariri's murder has killed Lebanon
One year ago, the world was shocked by the killing of Rafik Hariri. The murder of Mr Lebanon, as the five-time prime minister was known, was an attempt to assassinate the country.
New report blames Syria
BBC Lebanon marks Hariri anniversary
A huge rally is planned in Beirut to mark the first anniversary of the killing of ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
Revolution's bitter aftertaste
Gulf News Sa'ad Hariri refuses to forgive father's killers and vows to get justice
BBC Syrian leader reshuffles cabinet
Newsweek Zakaria: Islam and PowerIs President Bush's plan to spread democracy turning into a fiasco
FT Arab TV show seeks to ease cartoons angerA popular Arab television talk show is taking a group of young people to Denmark in an effort to channel Muslim anger over the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed into more constructive dialogue.
Islamic Chauvinism and the Mohammed Cartoons - Joseph Tartakovsky, RCP
Under Siege By Howard Kurtz
Der Spiegel Cartoon Conflict Shows Cracks in the EUWhen Danish embassies began going up in flames last week, some in the European Union wanted a firm response. But nothing happened. The most the EU could agree on were a few wishy-washy statements. By Hans-Jürgen Schlamp
NYT Iran Delays Talks With Russia on Enrichment of Its Uranium By NAZILA FATHI and MARK LANDLER, Iran also signaled that it was resuming the enrichment of uranium at one of its main nuclear sites, according to diplomats.
UPI Corridors of Power: Iran defies IAEA By ROLAND FLAMINI, Iran has resumed uranium enrichment in defiance of the International Atomic Energy Agency's call to halt all nuclear development
Antiwar Sanction the IAEA, Not Iran: Gordon Prather
MEMRI Feb 14 SD# 1091 - Iranian President Ahmadinejad on the "Myth of the Holocaust" & a Message to "Aggressive European Governments...and the Great Satan": "You Should Be Grateful That Our People has Acted Nobly Towards You so Far, and has Been Patient... Don't Make Us Lose Our Patience..."
Iran May Have Begun Uranium Enrichment Iran reportedly has taken an initial step in the long process toward making civilian fuel or nuclear weapons, Western diplomats said Monday.
Iran, Iraq, Hamas Make 2006 Year Of Crisis for Bush - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
MEMRI Feb 10 IA# 265 - Unemployment in the Middle East – Causes and Consequences
FT Middle East to dominate oil export market Europe and the US are set to become increasingly dependent on the Middle East for refined petroleum products over the next 10 years, new FT research shows.

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