Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Suicide Bombing in Israel Kills 9; Hamas Approves
BBC US warns Hamas over Israel blast
Christian Science Monitor Attack tests Israeli response to Hamas The militant group called the deadly bombing in Tel Aviv an act of self-defense.
Suicide bomber worsens tension between Israelis and Hamas Nine Israelis were killed in a suicide bombing outside a fast food stall in Tel Aviv during the Jewish Passover holiday
Bombing increases tensions Relations between Israel and the Hamas-led Palestinian government have plummeted to a dangerous low after a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv
Hamas's weasel words bode ill for peace Why did Hamas - which has observed a long ceasefire with Israel - rush to defend the Tel Aviv bombing as an act Palestinians had "every right" to carry out?
Top Generals in Israel Warn Gaza Invasion Is Possible Israeli generals threatened Friday to re-invade the Gaza Strip if Palestinian rocket attacks continued.
Hurt by Hamas, Americans Sue Banks in U.S. American victims of bombings in Israel are going after banks they say helped to finance Palestinian terrorism.
Ha’aretz –When the cannons roar Israel must embark on every opportunity to have its demands of Hamas heard, whether through direct contact or via foreign negotiation channels.
Olmert's plus: He's not a general Olmert can improve the process of setting national security policy if he manages to change the status of the National Security Council and transform it into a central tool in decision-making.
A new dialogue with the Diaspora It is vitally important that the dialogue with world Jewry not focus on the "big bangs" of Israeli politics, but rather on the deeper content of contemporary Jewish identity.
Erdogan government's Hamas migraine Cengiz Candar
Semih İDİZ Hamas'ın işi giderek zorlaşıyor
Fiscal gloom greets new Hamas finance minister
Russia, in break with West, pledges aid to Hamas
Gaza turf war looms Three months on, the power struggle between Hamas and Fatah is on the brink of turning Gaza into a factionalised battleground, with street-by-street turf wars, reminiscent of Beirut in the Eighties
The state of Israel will soon be history, says Iran's President
Daily Telegraph 'Israel will be annihilated' President Ahmadinejad of Iran has appeared to threaten Israel with a nuclear attack after he described it as a "rotten, dried tree" that would be annihilated by "one storm".
Ahmadinejad speech & Israel
UPI Politics & Policies: What to do with Iran? By CLAUDE SALHANI A raid on Iran's nuclear installations would not be carried out by the United States, but by Israel, according to UPI's anonymous source.
Stratfor Israel: Shifting Tactics by Palestinian Militants

THE SATURDAY PROFILE; Critic of Syria Loses a Hand and a Foot, but Not Heart
Report: Syria launches fundraising campaign for PA
Syria still Attracts Investments in spite of Pressures
Syria launches fundraising campaign for PA
Iran's Ahmadinejad: Damascus and Tehran seek to put an end to the Israeli occupation
Karami denies new party is led from Damascus
Bush says justice must be done in Hariri case

Three Reasons Not to Bomb Iran--Yet Edward Luttwak, Commentary – “First, geopolitics renders Iran a natural ally of the United States over the long haul. Second, the Iranian regime wants a U.S. attack for the rally-round-the-flag effect. The third ... despite three decades of effort, the Iranians haven't made much progress at developing strategic industries, much less a workable nuclear device”
Iranian Nuclear Weapons? Iran's Missiles and Possible Delivery Systems-Anthony H. Cordesman and Khalid R. Al-Rodhan
Guardian US refuses to discuss Iran's nuclear plans in Iraq talks New photos of plant add to fears over Tehran's goal · Halt aid to militias over border, US to warn
William Arkin Rumsfeld and Iran
New York Times Iran's Sitting Duck By MICHAEL LEVI

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