Thursday, April 06, 2006


CSIS Currents and Crosscurrents of Radical Islamism, Report Panel Transatlantic Dialogue on Terrorism
UPI Democracy and stability in the Middle East
The scope of clashes in the Middle East since 9/11 If the US had stopped with Afghanistan, its world standing might be better. By Pat M. Holt

Syria Comment
Is the Syrian Regime turning to Religion?
America Says It's Prepared To Listen to Syrian Muslim Brotherhood
Syria offers new initiative to contain the Iraqi crisis
Daily Star Can Hariri keep juggling clashing agendas? By Michael Young

Jerusalem Post France considers visa for Hamas rep Exclusive: French diplomat in Israel says that no decision has yet been taken.
BBC Hamas says PA coffers are 'empty' The Palestinian prime minister tells his first cabinet meeting the government is facing a deep financial crisis.
Fatah legacy puts Hamas under financial pressure
Editorial The Semantics of Mideast Peace It is a sign of how hopeless things are in the Middle East that the phrasing of a letter written by the foreign minister of the new Palestinian government was seized upon as a ray of light.
Labour to be senior partner with Kadima in Israel coalition
Daily Star Israel gives cold shoulder to Hamas overture
A unilateral Israeli withdrawal is not a forgone conclusion By David Kimche
Editorial Hamas is taking timid but noticeable steps toward peace
Former Israeli and Palestinian fighters unite to strive for peace
Shunned by their own governments, one-time enemies have been meeting in secret to end conflict in the region.
Israel, Turkey suspend deal to ship water in huge tankers

New York Times We Do Not Have a Nuclear Weapons Program By JAVAD ZARIF
Iran wants stability, peace and an inspections deal.
Atlantic Monthly The Nuclear Power Beside Iraq Now that Iran unquestionably intends to build a nuclear bomb, the international community has few options to stop it—and the worst option would be a military strike by James Fallows
American Conservative An October Surprise? By Patrick J. Buchanan - Bush has much to gain by attacking Iran.

In Bid to Rebuild Razed Bridge, Recovery and War Vie in Iraq
The American military's shifting priorities in Iraq illustrate the trade-off between combat and reconstruction.
Rumsfeld Challenges Rice on 'Tactical Errors' in Iraq
Daily Star The brutal elimination of Iraqi tolerance By Rami G. Khouri
Christian Science Monitor Has Zarqawi been demoted by Al Qaeda? Reports say the insurgent leader in Iraq was stripped of political duties after Amman attacks backlash.
WSJ Condi's Iraq Stumble The quickest way to lose is by alienating the Shiites.
Congress Debate on Iraq Grows Louder


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