Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Syria Imposing Stronger Curbs on Opposition Syrian officials are aggressively silencing domestic political opposition while accommodating religious conservatives.
Amnesty International Syria: New crackdown on government opponents
Syria Comment
Arab Mukhabarat Confab: Syria Wallflower
Baathists Find Religion
Economic News (April 4 2006)

Israelis ponder a land swap Some see trading Arab towns in Israel for Jewish settlements outside it as key to their survival as a Jewish state
Ha’aretz – Hamas FM Zahar refers to 'two-state solution' in letter to Annan
Amir Oren - When secret keepers become tattlers
Do not stand idly by It would be better for Israel that the war with Hamas not hurt the Palestinian people. The battle is against an organization and a government, not against a people or individuals.
Yedioth Ahronoth China invites Hamas to Beijing
Jerusalem Post View from America: American anti-Israel politics
BBC Hamas sets out stance to UN chief The Hamas-led Palestinian government tells Kofi Annan it wants to live side by side with its neighbours.
Noam Chomsky and the Pro-Israel Lobby: Fourteen Erroneous Theses
Washington Times Is al Qaeda targeting Israel?
Washington Note On Iran, Intelligence-Blind American War Planners Should Consult with the Better-Informed Israelis

American Conservative Iran: The Logic of Deterrence by Christopher Layne
RFE/RL – Iran - Defense Analyst Says Weapons Tests Signal 'Longer-Term Threat'
EurasiaNet Iran and China: Unlikely Partners BY KAMAL NAZER YASIN - Geopolitical circumstances and economic necessity are pushing Iran and China into an unlikely partnership. While Iran would like to forge a full-fledged strategic alliance, China appears more interested in concentrating on commerce, especially in the energy sphere.
Daily Telegraph Iran's show of strength A stealth flying boat, a radar-evading missile with multiple warheads, a rocket-torpedo and an anti-ship missile that cannot be jammed: with every day that passes, Iran announces a development in its military hardware.
Iran could strike first Simon Tisdall: International rules of war apply to all.
Democracy Arsenal Iran as the Un-Iraq
Iran Says It Can Handle Any Invasion
US Shifts Policy on Iran Arms Control Today

Guardian Jaafari Interview
I will not be forced out - Iraqi PM
Stratfor Global Second Quarter Forecast: The Presidency, Iraq and the Waiting Game ... (part One)
Washington Post Let the Iraqis Bargain By David Ignatius, To implement a unity government in Iraq, the Iraqis will need Americans to be patient and give their full political support.
New Republic How not to save Iraq Reaching out to Iraq's neighbors: a waste of time and maybe worse. by Steven A. Cook
Christian Science Monitor In Iraq, US still carries big stick In a delicate balancing act, the US applies political pressure even while encouraging sovereignty.
CSIS - Iraq's Evolving Insurgency and the Risk of Civil War -Anthony H. Cordesman, with the assistance of Eric M. Brewer and Sara Bjerg Moller
Editorial Divided they'll fall Shiites need to learn to share power in Iraq.
Democracy in Iraq Not A Priority in U.S. Budget
U.S. in Iraq: War Crimes? - Noam Chomsky, Mother Jones

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