Monday, April 10, 2006


IHT Avoiding failure with Hamas ROBERT MALLEY The West needs to devise a real policy to deal with the real problem of Hamas.
A CONVERSATION WITH EHUD OLMERT Interim Israeli Prime Minister
Hamas May Soften Stance on Israel Abbas said in an interview that the radical Islamic group Hamas is likely to accept the Jewish state's right to exist.
Daily Telegraph Hint from Hamas that it may recognise Israel The first indications that Hamas might recognise the right of Israel to exist emerged following intense diplomatic and economic pressure from the international community.
Hamas calls to end suicide bombings Hamas is to abandon its use of suicide bombers, who have killed almost 300 Israelis, in any future confrontations with Israel, its activists have told The Observer.
BBC EU suspends aid to Palestinians The European Commission temporarily halts its aid payments to the Hamas-led Palestinian government.
Palestinian heads attack aid cut Palestinian leaders strongly criticise US and EU plans to cut off financial aid to the Hamas-led government
Israel to Boycott Diplomats Who Meet Hamas Officials
Palestinian Authority cohabitation continues
Yedioth Ahronoth Hamas against the world/ Plocker
Hamas 'waking up' to reality: Abbas
New York Review of Books - Hamas: The Last Chance for Peace? By Henry Siegman
Wexler Comes to Ankara with HAMAS Criticism
Guardian Abbas: our sons will fight Israelis for a just deal
Israel, Algeria, Morocco to join NATO counter-terrorism patrols
Does Israel Conduct Covert Action in America? by Michael Scheuer
Survey: 44% Jewish Israelis are secular, 8% ultra-Orthodox
Time Olmert: Israel Should Not Be on the Forefront of a War Against Iran In an exclusive interview with TIME, the Israeli prime minister warns about the threat from Iran, praises President Bush and vows to press ahead with West Bank withdrawals

Former Syrian leader charged with conspiracy Syrian court charges former vice-president with inciting a foreign attack on the country and plotting to seize power.
Crimes of the Turkish Government Kurdish American Committee for Democracy in Syria
Syria Comment
"Illegal but Working: Civil society in Syria," by Glada Lahn
State of denial: till when? - Bouthaina Shaaban
Syria approves foreign banks
Cargill enters Syria before Bush
Brammertz expected to meet Assad
Syrian military court charges former VP with conspiracy

New Yorker - THE IRAN PLANS by SEYMOUR M. HERSH Would President Bush go to war to stop Tehran from getting the bomb?
CSIS - Iranian Nuclear Weapons? The Options if Diplomacy Fails -Anthony H. Cordesman and Khalid R. Al-Rodhan
TIME Iran's Nukes: Are the US and Europe Out of Sync? Analysis: To resolve the nuclear standoff with Iran, Europe wants to offer incentives as well as sanctions. But that will require the U.S. to give up, for now, its pursuit of regime change By Tony Karon
Iran & the Bomb By Christopher de Bellaigue
New York Post Does Iran Want War? - Ralph Peters
Knight-Ridder - Experts: Iran's weapons pose little threat but are a political boon
Asia Times Mission impossible? True US-Iran dialogue Trying to hold a constructive dialogue with Iran over Iraq while at the same time quashing its nuclear weapons ambitions and, by the way, overturning the regime may be a tricky juggling act. But the US and Iran can still debate if they engage in true dialogue and not just talk past each other as they have done in the past. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi
Guardian US plans Iran strikes - report Bush accused of 'messianic' mission after a report in the New Yorker magazine claims that US is intent on regime change in Tehran.
BBC Rare dialogue What Iran hopes to gain from talks with US officials on Iraq
Iran In Our Future - William F. Buckley
ArmsControlWonk Iran-US Talks
Cooling the Iran Crisis by Dilip Hiro
Iran Has No Inter-Continental Missiles: Russia
Baghdad and the Democracy of the US and Iran Abdel Wahab Badrakhan

Helena Cobban Bush's project in Iraq: Is the end nigh?
Washington Post Shiite Militias Now Seen As Critical Challenge Shiite militias pose the greatest threat to security in many parts of Iraq, having killed more people in recent months than the Sunni Arab-led insurgency, officials say.
Independent Iraq: Don't look away Three years after the toppling of Saddam, Iraq is a bloody mess, with a further 70 people killed yesterday in an attack on a Baghdad mosque.
UPI Analysis: The many faces of Iraq's war There is no longer one war raging in Iraq. There are now at least three different, though overlapping ones, and very soon their number could rise to four
UPI Analysis: Fragmented Iraq: Saudi challenge
Asia Times Cutting and running in Iraq Iraq has gone from a country with a shaky US-backedregime fighting a resistance movement to one in which sectarian killings and ethnic cleansing predominate. Rational observers can only conclude the US Army has no place in the midst of a civil war. The options seem to be defeat or an increased presence, but for the administration withdrawal is not an option. -Robert Dreyfuss
Christian Science Monitor Attacks test Iraq's Shiites Suicide attacks on civilians complicate Sunni-Shiite political reconciliation.
Hirsh: The GOP’s Sectarian War Over Iraq
Iraq's new model army The sooner Iraqi forces can cope on their own, the sooner foreign troops can pull out, and the sooner the insurgents will be deprived of their principal motivation. So far, though, precious few have been equal to the task.


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