Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Daily Star It's Israel's system that makes peace so difficult By Yossi Alpher
Hamas: Israeli move 'a declaration of war'...
Debka Hamas Is Not Without Alternative Resources Print
EU suspends aid to Palestinian Authority The EU increases pressure on the Palestinian Authority to recognise Israel and renounce terrorist violence.
The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy by William Pfaff

Ha’aretz – In Lebanon, Syrians still behind the wheel
Two Gulf Companies to invest in Syria
How US Foreign Policies Fuel Anti-American Feelings Abroad - Linda Heard
'Who else but Israel?
Syria Must Stop Arrests of Activists

Slate Are We Really Going To Nuke Iran?: Decoding our options. Fred Kaplan
NYT Attack Iran? Yes He Would by Paul Krugman
Christian Science Monitor Striking Iran is an option, not inevitable A US or Israeli attack would be hard to pull off and might trigger Mideast riots. By Seth G. Jones
William Arkin Goldilocks and Iran
Daily Telegraph The West can't let Iran have the bomb Con Coughlin.
New York Times Editorial Military Fantasies on Iran
If the Bush administration's goal is to change minds in Iran and energize diplomacy, it is not going about it in a very smart way.
Is War With Iran Inevitable? - Patrick Buchanan
Facing Down Iran - Mark Steyn, City Journal
Does Iran Want War? - Austin Bay, Austin Bay Blog
Misunderstanding Iran By Amir Taheri
BBC Nuclear fears US 'bunker-buster' attack on Iran remains improbable
Bush dismisses 'Iran attack plan' "wild speculation".
RFE/RL Is The U.S. Planning To Attack Iran?

A Shiite Split Will Help Iraq's New Democracy By Amir Taheri Asharq Al Awsat - Taheri notes that the Shiite community in Iraq is about to split, with some withdrawing support for Jaafari as Prime Minister. The split will reduce sectarianism in Iraqi politics and allow Shi'a to form alliances with other groups. It will also allow for the resolution of the major issues facing Iraq, which are not necessarily sectarian causes. Link to full text in primary source.
Guardian Iraqi PM on brink of climbdown
BBC 'We're losing Iraq' Baghdad blogger says Iraqi identity is being eroded by divisions
New Yorker George Packer on the lesson of Tal Afar: Is it too late for the Administration to correct its course in Iraq?
Der Spiegel Running out of Patience in Iraq
OpenDemocracy Is this civil war? Three years after the fall of Saddam, Iraq is a place of sectarian and insurgent violence, insecurity and fear. But does this amount to civil war, asks Anwar Rizvi
Editorial Bush and Iraq leaksThe revelation that George W. Bush approved the leak of classified information about Iraq's chimerical nuclear programme is unlikely to snowball into another...

WSJ U.S. Sees Europe as New Front Against Islamists The Bush administration has quietly opened what senior officials consider a third front in a global campaign against Islamist extremism, this one aimed at the rising threat from Europe.
Hudson Review Bruce Bawer: Crisis in Europe Islam has given dignity and meaning to the drab and impoverished lives of many men and women. But what is it doing for Muslims in Europe? Or for Europe itself?

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