Friday, April 14, 2006


Gulf News Syria doesn't want to be left out
Last week, the Arab media reported that the office of the Syrian Vice-President Farouq Al Shara'a is working on an initiative to contain the sectarian conflict in Iraq and "help stabilise the war-stricken country".
US: Syria making efforts on Iraq border
Syria, Iran move closer
UPI Syria and ally Iran more confident Syria and Iran appear to have gained greater confidence and political stamina after Tehran succeeded in enriching uranium
Khaleej Times Syria blames US “double-standard” for world turbulence “The double-standard (policy) practiced against Iran and Syria is regretfully the reason for the confusion in the international arena,” Moallem told
Los Angeles Times Down a dangerous road Syria once the contentious nub of Sykes-Picot and the closest in recent historical experience to Iraq — will be most severely at risk

Ha’aretz - Enough handouts By Aluf Benn - America's friendship is Israel's most important political asset. But as Uncle Sam's strength seems to be weakening, FM Livni needs to secure broader support for Israel.
Al-Ahram Image and reality Revolutionary and statesman: the two roles have often been played by the same leaders. Will this be the case with Hamas, asks Abdel-Moneim Said
Dar Al-Hayat The Palestinian Issue and the Retreat of European Policy
Randa Takieddine - What are the implications of freezing direct aid to the PA? The EU decision is a reproof of the Palestinian democratic life. It is an indication that US-Israeli politics control a Union, where France and other EU members used to assume a more balanced role with regard to Arab issues. Has the EU ever dared punishing Israeli practices in Palestinian territories?
Christian Science Monitor Rival armed factions seizing pieces of Gaza Fatah and Hamas militias train in abandoned Israeli settlements as anxiety grows over instability.
Al-Ahram 'Democracy' at work International aid freezes threaten to strangle the democratically elected Hamas-led government, Khaled Amayreh and Erica Silverman report from the West Bank and Gaza
Daily Star A vicious circle of poverty, conflict and dependence By Mohammed El-Samhouri The sudden ascent of Hamas to power after the January 25 parliamentary elections in the Palestinian Authority (PA) areas has brought to risk two vital sources of Palestinian finance: an aid package by Western donors of about $1 billion a year in humanitarian, developmental and budgetary support.
The irony of great power politics One hopes that newfound opposition by academics Mearsheimer and Walt to unilateralism in the US and Israel will be a silver lining of "The Israel Lobby."
UNSC fails to pass draft condemning Israel's Gaza ops
Al-Ahram A non-partner Olmert's assertions of power in Israel spell bleak days for the Palestinians, Khaled Amayreh writes
Hamas plans ahead Amid rising tensions between the newly formed Palestinian Hamas government and Israel, Erica Silverman in Ramallah interviews Hamas member and Parliament Speaker Abdul-Aziz Duwaik

CSIS Iranian Nuclear Weapons? The Uncertain Nature of Iran's Nuclear Programs -Anthony H. Cordesman and Khalid R. Al-Rodhan
William Arkin Despite Denials, US Plans for Iran War
Strategic Studies Institute Irregular Enemies by Dr. Colin S. Gray
Weekly Standard To Bomb, or Not to Bomb That is the Iran question. by Reuel Marc Gerecht
Jerusalem Post Analysis: Playing poker in Teheran By GERALD M. STEINBERG Ahmadinejad's boast that his country has joined the nuclear club appears to be an admission of weakness.
Target: Iran Yes, there is a feasible military option against the mullahs' nuclear program. by Thomas McInerney
Washington Institute The Point of No Return: Iran's Path to Democracy Mohsen Sazegara
The Times Iran is racing down nuclear route before UN can put up roadblock
An article on Iran's Oil Bourse: A threat to the US economy?
Iran Sounds Like a Bad Rerun - Trudy Rubin, Newsday
Experts see any strike against Iran as problem Chicago Tribune
Jim Lobe Neocons Turn Up Heat for Iran Attack
Iran trip doomed America has called for the United Nations to force Iran to comply with its demand that it give up its uranium enrichment programme, bringing Teheran one step closer to sanctions or even military action.

Leader –Iraq - Ungoverned and ungovernable Tomorrow it will be exactly four months since Iraqis went to the polls
Leader –Iraq - Ungoverned and ungovernable Tomorrow it will be exactly four months since Iraqis went to the polls in their historic parliamentary election, but they are still waiting for a new government to be formed.
Outside View:Tipping point in Iraq By ANTHONY H. CORDESMAN
Gulf News Iraq's integrity should be the prime concern
President Hosni Mubarak is not given to semantic extravagance and as the recent postponement of Egypt's municipal elections would indicate, he is reluctant to risk political polarisation at this time of uncertainty.
Al-Ahram From bad to worse Iraq is falling apart. What can be done to avoid partition, asks Ibrahim Nafie
Shi'ites Ask: Why Convene Iraq Parliament?
Washington Times Zarqawi, al Qaeda are heading out, U.S. general says Al Qaeda in Iraq and its presumed leader, Abu Musab Zarqawi, have conceded strategic defeat and are on their way out of the country, a top U.S. military official contended yesterday.

The Economist Islam in Europe: Sending a message to the faithful back home


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