Wednesday, November 15, 2006


New York Times Editorial The Road to Damascus It is time to give direct diplomacy with Syria a serious try.
The Times Leader Iraq's neighbours Blair proposes a regional role for Syria and Iran
This way to Damascus – let's hope you're good at hagglingAnalysis by Richard Beeston The cost of any Syrian or Iranian assistance will be high
Paper: Syria Ready for Dialogue With US on Iraq
Engaging Syria and Iran might not save US from Iraq morass Quentin Peel
Iran and Syria can be Blair's 'partners for peace' Mr Blair said there could be a new 'partnership' if Iran stopped supporting terrorism in Iraq and gave up its nuclear ambitions
Hard bargainIran and Syria may exact a high price to help the US on Iraq
University Channel Iran, Syria and Hezbollah
Diplomatic stalemate will lead to war; we must talk to Abbas and Assad, Danny Yatom says
ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT BRIEFING Divided Lebanon Confrontation between rival political groups is likely
Editorial Lebanon's New Crisis
No shots have been fired, but Hezbollah has launched another dangerous offensive
Lebanon’s political crisis deepens Lebanon’s political crisis deepened as the cabinet approved the framework of an international tribunal to try suspected killers former prime minister Rafiq Hariri in the absence of six pro-Syrian ministers
Lebanon backs UN Hariri tribunal
Lebanon's cabinet approves draft UN plans for an tribunal to try suspects in the killing of the former PM Rafik Hariri.
Hezbollah's Latest Bet
Hezbollah's thirst for added powers threatens peace (David R. Sands)
McClatchy Hezbollah leader predicts collapse of Lebanese government
Support for Hizbullah stronger than ever
Iraqi Premier and U.S. General Discuss Syria and Iran

Ha’aretz - Print Edition
Fury in U.S. over Olmert's comments on Iraq war
Editorial A real lack of deterrence There is an unbridgeable gap between the threatening declarations the government is making toward Iran and the weakness the IDF is transmitting.
Hamas: Boycott to end even if PA gov't doesn't recognize Israel
BBC Out of ideasPalestinians and Israelis lack strategy to escape violence
Eye of the Storm: The thumpin' as seen from the Middle East [ AMIR TAHERI,
Yedioth Ahronoth PM: Unite against IranAnalysis: Missed red flags on Israeli spy
Analysis: A Palestinian unity government
Learning the Lessons of Madrid By Amir Taheri
Benn Olmert and Bush / 45 minutes of smiles
CFR In Gaza: New Leader, Old Problems
Palestinians: New Leader, Old Problems
The Region: Four phony panaceas BARRY RUBIN
'No int'l peace summit' McClatchy Palestinians weigh a government without Hamas
Hamas preparing to relinquish control
BBC Rivals 'agree new Palestinian PM' Hamas and Fatah reportedly agree a new prime minister, Muhammad Shbeir, as they discuss a unity government.
Olmert: Israel will 'not tolerate' a nuclear Iran...
PBS Experts Discuss Increased Violence, Future of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
New York Times For Evangelicals, Supporting Israel Is ‘God’s Foreign Policy’ Many conservative Christians say they believe that support for Israel fulfills a biblical injunction to protect the Jewish state.

Financial Times Editorial Changing Iraq policy is not enough
Christian Science Monitor Huge task before Iraq Study Group The 10-member panel, which met with White House officials Monday, will make recommendations after Thanksgiving
NYT Military Analysis: Get Out Now? Not So Fast, Experts Say By Michael Gordon
CSIS U.S. Policy Options in Iraq: A Primer READ MORE (repeat)
Washington Post Bush Initiates Iraq Policy Review Separate From Baker Group's By Robin Wright
Baker Ex Machina By David Ignatius
Washington Post Bush Faces New Calls to Shift Policies On Mideast President finds himself trying to balance desire for change voiced by electorate last week with his commitment to U.S. military's presence in Iraq.
UPI Walker's World: What to expect from the Iraq Study Group
Guardian Commission improbable Michael Kinsley: What chance Baker's Iraq Study Group coming up with something original? Don't hold your breath.
CBS Top Marine: US Had No Plan for Postwar Iraq
McClatchy Bush meets with Iraq Study Group
Iraq: A Final (Bipartisan) Push? - Greg Djerejian, Belgravia Dispatch
Tony Karon James Baker vs. the Likud, Round II: This Time its Persian-al
PBS Senators Debate Changes in U.S Strategy Toward Iraq
Der Spiegel "Iraq Is Not Winnable" What happens next in the Middle East? SPIEGEL spoke to Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, to find out. A widely respected foreign policy expert, Haass warns that the Middle East could become dangerous for years to come
Bush Says He’s Open to Change in Iraq, but ... After meeting with a panel examining the war, the president said that military options “depend upon conditions on the ground.”

Bringing Iran to the Bargaining Table Kenneth M. Pollack, Current History View Full Article (PDF—2,104kb).
American Prospect Iran Hawks Reorganize Meet the Iran Enterprise Institute. Its name might sound familiar By Laura Rozen
Heritage Foundation Countering Iran's Oil Weapon by Ariel Cohen, Ph.D., James Phillips and William L. T. Schirano
Guardian Why stop the Great Satan? He's driving himself to hell Simon Jenkins: Tehran can sit back and watch its tormentors sweat. But the US and Britain must start from diplomatic ground zero.
Christian Science Monitor Can Iran help in Iraq?
Is Tehran Maintaining a Clandestine Nuclear Fund?
Phone calls by a top Iranian official tapped by a Western intelligence service apparently indicate that Iran has set aside a secret fund to expand its nuclear program, DER SPIEGEL has learned
Ahmadinejad - Hostage Taker?Middle East Forum by Daniel Pipes
Iran Seeks to Keep US Troops in Iraq
Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Maintain Tough Front on Iran
CFR Makovsky: Iran Possible ‘Sore Point’ in US-Israeli Relations
Washington Times Defending against Iran's missiles (James T, Hackett)

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