Monday, November 06, 2006


Weekly Standard Shiites Against Hezbollah by David Schenker
Al Hayat Talk of 'Deals' between Washington, Damascus and Tehran Raghida Dergham
Syria Sir Nigel goes fishing
Christian Science Monitor US demands Israeli Air Force stop flights into Lebanese airspace Overflights came after UN learned of arms being smuggled into Lebanon from Syria.
Syria Hints at Armed Resistance if Israel Fails to Return Golan Heights
Syria hires UK law firm for Hariri assassination inquiry · Matrix acts as adviser after UN sanctions threat · Britain tests water for better links with Assad
Provocation in Lebanon's skies
Hezbollah Uses Influence to Jockey for Power in Beirut

Oren IDF preparing for another conflict by next summer
Yedioth Possible PA unity gov't
Mortimer B. Zuckerman: Waiting for War in Gaza
The Economist Israel and the Palestinians Military solutions in the air
Jerusalem Post Re-engage Rabin's road map
Daily Star Gaza suffers for the sake of yet another lesson Israel refuses to learn

Time The Case for Dividing Iraq With the country descending into civil war, noted diplomat and author Peter Galbraith explains why partition may be the U.S.'s only exit strategy
Weekly Standard No Third Way in Iraq 'Redeployment' will not 'incentivize' the Iraqi military. It will lead to its collapse. by Frederick W. Kagan

Guardian Neocons turn on Bush over Iraq Administration lambasted for incompetence in handling of war.
VIEW: The meaning of victory in Iraq —Dilip Hiro
Boston Globe What it will take to end war (By James Carroll) THE WAR in Iraq has emerged as a key issue in tomorrow's election, but in what way can its course be influenced by voting results?
Los Angeles Times Democratic win may lead to shift in Iraq policy Midterm victory in either chamber would give party lawmakers a platform to pressure the president for a different direction in the war.
In a Divided Iraq, Reaction to Saddam Death Sentence Conforms to Sectarian Lines
Conservatives Challenge Iraq Policy
The New Republic Should U.S. forces withdraw from Iraq?A TNR debate, Day 4by Peter W. Galbraith & Reuel Marc Gerecht

Understanding Iran's Nuclear Policy (Ramazani)
Washington Post Ping-Pong Diplomacy For Iran By Jim Hoagland
The Times Leader Nuclear knock-on If Iran acquires the Bomb, its neighbours will inevitably respond
Schiff Iran and missiles / Bigger and farther
Asia Times Russia plays a double game over IranWhen (and if) the United Nations finally agrees on a resolution on Iran over its nuclear program, it risks being mild, and even symbolic, given disagreement among the drafters. A more realistic course could be to return the matter to the UN's nuclear watchdog. The biggest obstacle to this is Moscow's doublespeak. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi
Cato - What to Do Before Tehran Gets the Bomb by Ted Galen Carpenter
Who's Targeting Iran – and Why? by Gordon Prather

Has America 'lost' the Middle East? Patrick Seale
Report: Nuke race in Mideast

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